Jet Set Radio Gets A Little Video

TGH Writes: "Just in case everyone is not properly excited for Jet Set Radio, SEGA has just put up a cool little gameplay video making sure it is on your mind going into E3."

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AndyLunique2237d ago

Oh yeah :) I'm excited :)

jc485732237d ago

the sad part is that they are holding back on Anarchy Reigns because of JSR.

ShadyDevil2237d ago

Given that Anarchy is a 'new' IP and JSR is a proven winner. They would want to do the good stuff while giving the other time to come to fruition so it kind of makes sense.

jc485732237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

you know what Sega can do maybe later down the line when they do finally release Anarchy Reigns?

Purchase a copy of Anarchy Reigns and get a free code to download JSR. If not, then a discount to download JSR would also do. Or, purchase JSR and get a discount on Anarchy Reigns if that's even possible.

You're probably thinking: are you nuts? Nah,
they're similar in some respect.

Starfox8112237d ago

As ShadyDevil says, it makes sense for them to be placing this title first. Having played Anarchy Reigns it's damn good, but I do love a bit of JSR.

Sanquine902237d ago

Playing this on the go is going to be a blast ( PS vita )

MissAubrey2237d ago

is comin out for vita??? coolness!

Sanquine902237d ago

Did not read the article?

MissAubrey2236d ago

nope i come here for the comments lol

Sanquine902236d ago

Yes it comes to the vita :) LOL

smashcrashbash2237d ago

I hope they improve on the controls a little. Despite Jet Set Radio being a good game the controls needed a little fine tuning.

sonicsidewinder2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

Awwwww Yeeeeeah.

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