Blizzard Bumbling Through Availability Issues, Diablo 3 Punters Suffers

When you launch a game that sells 3 million in its first 24 hours, it is understandably tough to keep servers stable. Yet two weeks after release, the service is still struggling to gain stability.

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Jdoki2389d ago

On one hand... it's only a game.

On the other hand... If I work all day and want to unwind with an hour or two of single player Diablo 3 when I get home; but end up with multiple 37 error, followed 73 error as I did last night... It does get annoying; very annoying.

What annoyed me the most is that the 73 error is ' down'. Nothing to do with D3 itself (according to the D3 server status). Two points of failure in the system...

Kiriel2389d ago

Well, Diablo runs on the systems, so it should have everything to do with it. :)

mananimal2387d ago

AND YOU IDIOTS still play the game, thats whats really crazy, & then you guys DEFEND BLIZZARD with all these lame excuses you make up to JUSTIFY your bad purchase. Its simple, YOUR GETTING SCREWED & YOU DONT MIND ENOUGH TO STOP IT, wow!!, thats all I can say. lol

Quickstrike2389d ago

Hey Blizzard, you would have a lot less complaints if your new game had a single player campaign that didn't require you to be always connected to your servers.

SleazyChimp2389d ago

All I can say is go and support another game that is always online. As soon as it was announced the game would be always online, people should have not supported the game. Instead 3 million people rushed out to throw their money at it in support of it. Now look at what you got. If gamers would have been patient and together told Blizzaard no, this would not be an issue today or in the future. Now even as botched as DIII launch has been, other companies will look at it and say "Well they still sold 3 million copies!". All but ensuring that gamers will have to deal with this nonsense in the future.

mananimal2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

EXACTLY, Look at what these 3million SHEEPLE are saying to the games industry. WE DONT MIND GETTING BENT OVER WITH NO VASELINE. pathetic, & no self dignity at all, sad. I see 3 MILLION MORONS WITH NO SELF ESTEEM.

adsaidler2389d ago

Inferno difficulty: first impressions!

Nodoze2386d ago

With the amount of money Blizzard brings in, and the experience they have with online gaming and load balancing...there is absolutely no excuse for this.