Lost Planet 3: Can Spark Unlimited Deliver?

X360: Lost Planet 3 has a new developer, Spark Unlimited, with an uneven track record. Can Capcom’s series survive the transition

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marioPSUC2304d ago

From the gameplay they've shown it looks good, but I'm still a bit hesitant because of the developer and their pretty crappy track record of games like "Turning Point Fall of liberty". Who knows maybe they'll redeem themselves with this game.

MrMister2303d ago

I agree. And If this does not have co-op, then forget it. co-op (especially split screen) in part 2 is what hooked me. Why would I buy this dead space knockoff when I know DS 3 is coming out, WITH the addition of Co-Op mode. Capcom better really think this through.

Redtide2303d ago

just bring back akrid hunter