'Sorry we confused UN logo with Halo video game' - BBC

The BBC apologised to viewers after mistakenly showing a graphic from the hit video game 'Halo' in place of the UN Security Council logo.

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ProjectVulcan2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

The U.N is deploying UNSC forces as we speak, insurgents please remain where you are to be arrested and we might go easy and refrain from sending in the Spartans to kick your ass

GribbleGrunger2363d ago

think about it for a moment. how the hell did this happen? the UN is reported week in and week out and the emblem is always used. so how did the Halo emblem suddenly appear like this?

SoldierX2363d ago

MS approves this error.

redDevil872363d ago

It's not like the UN care, they don't even give a toss about what's happening in Syria.

-Mezzo-2363d ago

Going in Syria, is just not profitable.

SilentNegotiator2363d ago

Once more powerful leaders are fully on-board, United Government will overthrow Syria as well, don't worry.

FarCryLover1822363d ago

What did they do? Lose their stock image of the UN and did a quick google search?

N4G-er2363d ago

I'm thinking this is EXACTLY what happened.

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The story is too old to be commented.