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Bethesda announces Doom 3 BFG Edition; features reworked versions of Doom 3, bundled with Doom 1 & 2

DSOGaming writes: "Bethesda Softworks, a ZeniMax Media company, today announced that DOOM 3 BFG Edition will be available this Autumn and features DOOM 3 and the Resurrection of Evil add-on pack, both of which have been completely re-mastered." (Doom 3 BFG Edition, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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NYC_Gamer  +   1128d ago
Bethesda is building up hype for Doom 4...
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SuperLupe  +   1128d ago
At this point can it still be a game for this gen ? I mean I bet the game will be out fall 2013 at the earliest but by that time next gen will be in or just around the corner. Maybe they'll skip current gen machines and go 720/PS4 right away.
kmanmx  +   1128d ago
Perhaps but remember the 70m install base on each console by then won't dissapear, a lot of people won't upgrade to the new console straight away.

There will still be a lot of money to be made on current gen for a year or two after the new consoles are released.

But I do hope it is a next gen title.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1127d ago
It really depends on when are those next gen consoles releasing too. The only one supposed to release soon is the WiiU, the other ones we don't have even seen yet.

I don't think they would hold production of console versions till next gen, even if the current gen performance is inferior to what they were aiming for, just to have to deal with small intalled bases of new hardware anyway...

Specially considering this is a remaster they could be aiming to release it much sooner than fall 2013 and build hype to Doom 4 for consoles next gen. Remember that Doom is firstly a PC franchise, so making console owners familiar with it using a remastered title makes sense.
azshorty2003  +   1127d ago
Following the same path that Hitman: Blood Money took, they release the full version for the next gen system. While releasing a similar yet slightly gimped version for current consoles, appealing to the mass install base. In this case, the next gen version would be the full version that is the same as the PC.

Thats what I think they might do.
adorie  +   1128d ago
If they got this on Steam I will pre-order it.

It really is a no-brainer for me.
jjdoyle  +   1128d ago
Love Steam. Great service, great games, great prices!
Oh_Yeah  +   1128d ago
bethesda is king of gaming this gen, cant wait for dishonered and fallout 4
Zephol  +   1127d ago
youre right!!
primesuspect  +   1128d ago
And every gamer who remembers paying $50 for that piece of crap scratches their collective heads...
NYC_Gamer  +   1128d ago
I thought Doom 3 was the worst version
john2  +   1128d ago
To be honest, I enjoyed Doom 3. iD had stated countless of times in their interviews that it would be a slow-paced horror experience and it was great IMO (for it's time, especially when played at night with all the lights off)
Statix  +   1128d ago
DOOM 3 was merely okay, imo. Many gamers would describe it as "mediocre," and I think that's a a fair description. Insofar as "slow-paced, horror" experiences in an FPS, F.E.A.R. had it beat. Not only were the atmospheric horror elements better done, but the base gunplay, gameplay mechanics, and A.I. were better as well. I was drooling in anticipation for DOOM 3, but when it finally came out, I was personally disappointed.

Again, a decently enjoyable game, but not particularly memorable or unique.
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cervantes99  +   1128d ago
Sorry, but I loved it. I enjoyed the slow paced horror element to the game as opposed to another military shooter.

Can't wait to play it remastered.
Kurt Russell  +   1128d ago
I thought Doom 3 was excellent. Linear but a great bit of fun... I'm getting this and spazzing out with the berzerk powerup on multiplayer as soon as poss.
mananimal  +   1127d ago
man your just nuts, Doom3 is the sickest shooter next to Half Life series IMO.
TENTONGUN  +   1127d ago
disagree, thought doom3 was just as good. i only played the original xbox version halfway then my xbox shit out on me. been wanting an hd version for years and im finaly getting it, and no im not a pc gamer. should be a discounted dl on live or psn, if not that would suck
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beerkeg  +   1128d ago
I loved it, it was great. I've completed it many times over the years so I'm interested to see how they remaster it.
rmedtx  +   1128d ago
I am getting it.
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mananimal  +   1127d ago
No doubt, Cant Wait, sign me up for my CORE, NO HOLDS BARRED, DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE CASUAL SHOOTER FAN, FPS, & thank you. Doom 3 is one of the sickest shooters period, it never gets old & Ive beat & play this game more than any other shooter by far, still own & play the xbox version & its expansion, love it. & @Moncole, ...Fuck STEAM(DRM), when your Local IP goes down or STEAM does, your twiddling your thumbs while Im still gaming cause I will OWN a DISC COPY, nuff said.
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Moncole  +   1128d ago
The people who have Doom 3 on Steam should get it for free.
RankFTW  +   1128d ago
People who disagree don't have the game on Steam.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1128d ago
Everybody has it on Steam already though. Very few people would be giving them actual money.
callahan09  +   1127d ago
I have it on Steam and I disagree (though I didn't click disagree) because the game is having new effort put into it for remastering. You bought the game probably as long as years ago, you got what you paid for and that doesn't and shouldn't have to include remakes of the game that come out at some distant point after you bought it originally. A remake and the original are not the same product so owning the original does not entitle you to the future endeavor. Now I could see an argument for requesting the original come included with the remake...
Walker  +   1128d ago
DarkBlood  +   1128d ago
nice, i'll definitly get this for ps3
soundslike  +   1128d ago
Its going to be cool to see how they update the engine.
It is Carmack after all, and he doesn't mess around.
Solid_Snake37  +   1128d ago
I still think he's a genius
stevenhiggster  +   1128d ago
There are plenty of games out there that still run on the Doom 3 engine anyway (ID Tech 4). And one rather notable game that runs on it's predecessor! (COD btw, it runs on the Quake 3 engine, the one before the DOOM 3 engine)
It's still a more than capable engine, better than a lot of stuff released a lot more recently.
Pwnage18202  +   1128d ago
Same Dude I am soooo excited for it on Ps3!
ieatbabies  +   1128d ago
This is more reason for them to milk the out of date doom 1-3. Last game which was doom 3 was 2004 and they want to re-release them !?! Ugh!
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NYC_Gamer  +   1128d ago
This is good for PS owners who never had the chance to play Doom 3 since didn't have a gaming PC or Xbox....Bethesda feels Rage didn't make them no profit so lets remaster Doom 3...I still think the game is garbage but at least it comes with 1&2...


Yes,that's good for us who have a mid-high end PC and can download the mod...Console only gamers don't have that option...
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ieatbabies  +   1128d ago
There is no need to remaster Doom 3 when a person has a high end PC.
john2  +   1128d ago
I'd kill for some proper Doom 1 & 2 total conversions for Doom 3. Back in the Doomsday days (program similar to JDoom), a modder was preparing some mind-blowing 3D models. Unfortunately though, those models never saw the light of day (some of them did actually but the modder didn't release a 'Complete Pack') :(
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Pain_Killer  +   1128d ago
@ieatbabies You don't need a high end PC to run Doom3.

Im damn sure that even a re-mastered edition would easily run on 90% of current day's mid-end PC's.
TheModernKamikaze  +   1128d ago
But most people don't have high end pcs.
ninjahunter  +   1128d ago
Incorrect, over 60% of users according to steam have specs that Most people would consider at least mid-high range.
TheModernKamikaze  +   1128d ago
@ninjahunter above
According to steam but not all of it.
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Vynzent  +   1125d ago


Most people don't have steam. So 60% of steam users is a rather small fraction of PC owners. So most people DON'T have gaming rigs.

In the world we live in, where shit is expensive in most countries, where on Earth did you get the idea that most people have a gaming rig?
TheModernKamikaze  +   1125d ago
@vynzent finally someone gets it.
Paul85  +   1128d ago
Getting this for my ps3 for sure it's a day one for me !!!
andron666  +   1128d ago
"DOOM 3 now features the new armour-mounted flashlight, allowing players to illuminate dark corners and blast enemies at the same time."

And here is the admission that the original mechanic of switching between gun and torch was a big mistake...
segamon  +   1128d ago
maybe not big but a mistake nonetheless.
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Statix  +   1128d ago
I never understood why gamers whined so much about this being a "mistake." It was very much deliberate gameplay mechanic that was meant to add to the suspense and challenge of the game. At worst, it was a minor annoyance; I've experienced much worse annoyances in other games. I've played through DOOM 3 multiple times, and the separate flashlight thing was never a major issue.
john2  +   1128d ago
Same here. I found it a nice idea. It was made for the game's atmosphere and it added to it
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Eiffel  +   1128d ago
I really had no problem switching between the two, to this day I never got why people whined so much about it. At least people can finally dry their tears I guess, or anyone who used the duct-tape mod.
ddelella  +   1128d ago
Since I already bought Doom and Doom 2 for XBLA I don't need this edition. Too bad, I would definitely by Doom 3 if it released for Games-on-Demand by itself for the the about $15. Another example of a company trying to milk a product to death by re-releasing the same thing multiple times. Collector's packs are great when you haven't already released half of it before.
Fyflin  +   1128d ago
I was hoping it would be released digitally for consoles rather than retail, the same as crysis.
Cajun Chicken  +   1128d ago
Yes. I'm most likely going to have to get my hands on this. Loved Doom3.
masa2009  +   1128d ago
They better rework significant chunks of the level design in the main game, because the game got super repetitive past a certain point.
And maybe change some of the cheap enemy spawns, too.

The add-on improved things a bit with more varied environments, but the main game dragged on.

I also hope that they keep the coop of the Xbox version.

But I'm not keeping my hopes up.
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MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1128d ago
Wait. It's in 3D?!? Freakin' A!!! I can't wait!
Vynzent  +   1125d ago
Idk who disagreed, but yeah actually they talked alot about 3D, and Carmack is even working on his own 3d "virtual reality" type goggles thing, you can see it here:

We don't know if Zenimax(owners of id) will ever sell these to the public, but I don't think John would work hard on something this cool if he didn't want people to buy it.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1125d ago
Thank you, sir. :) I am so excited to play it again.
interrergator  +   1128d ago
Ser  +   1128d ago
I'll wait for the reviews until I rush out and buy a PS3 copy. Not jumping in blind this time.
ape007  +   1128d ago
I remember when I got DOOM 3 on Xbox 1 in march 2005, it was on of the best games ever, 2005 also marked the release of splinter cell chaos theory, half life 2 xbox 1 and God Of War 1, man never forget those awesome days

so this DOOM BFG is a must buy, cannot freaking wait
Skate-AK  +   1128d ago
Doom 3 for PS3!? That's awesome.
glennco  +   1128d ago
Doom3 sucked
Rock_On_PS4  +   1128d ago
Doom, Doom 2 and Doom 3 corridor shooters are so intense and epic when playing in a dark room. COD, Halo, etc lack the intensity and eerie/climatic music.

Doom series is the FPS game defining series. Almost 20 years since the first Doom released back in 1993. Looking forward to Doom 4.
BitbyDeath  +   1128d ago
But does it have the Simpsons mod?
Fragger2k8  +   1128d ago
That'd actually be pretty awesome to be able to load up some hand-picked WADs and mods for each of the games, even on the console versions.

Too bad nothing awesome like that ever happens, though. =(
Pain_Killer  +   1128d ago
Had finished the game multiple times with Wulfen Texture Pack and Sikk Mod ages ago.

Let's see if they re-master it any better than this. Look at the related images to see the screenshots:

Related image(s)
Pain_Killer  +   1127d ago
I don't know why you got the dislikes but i'd advice every Doom fan who have yet to play or replaying Doom 3 to get that mod on the PC.
Vynzent  +   1125d ago
The SikkMod lighting looks like shit. Too bright and reflective, makes Doom3 look happy.

I was happy to erase that awful code and just play with HD textures and high poly models.
mobhit  +   1128d ago
Getting this. I miss playing Doom.
Neko_Mega  +   1128d ago
What now!!! To past the time for DOOM 3, I will sing the DOOM Song: http://www.youtube.com/watc...
spunkee311  +   1128d ago
I got Doom 3 on PC and could never play it. So I got it on the original Xbox late in its life cycle. I got it around 2007 I believe. The Special Edition tin. Only put about 2 hours into it and never completed it.
SO I'm kinda glad for this HD upgrade. I'll be all over this. And kinda shocked this came out of nowhere. Especially since everyone says it was sort of a disappointment. I loved what I played and thought it was excellent so far. Loved the pacing. And adding Doom 1 and 2. very nice touch. Can't wait.
mep69  +   1128d ago
If anyone played the Alpha of Doom 3, it was alot more fun. You could shoot zoombies to the floor, but the couldn't die and enermies you could kill bodies didn't annoyingly disappear.
CaptCalvin  +   1128d ago
Lol hours of additional content? That'll make it too long for most console players to bear. They're mostly accustomed to 10 hr campaigns in these type of games max.
Soldierone  +   1128d ago
Its coming to PS3?! Pre-order here I come!
GammaSix  +   1127d ago
day 1
Mkai28  +   1127d ago
I wonder if it will use the tech 5 engine? Also If you have both the Xbox 360 and ps3, which version will you get? Rather which version would John Carmack prefer?:)
OneAboveAll  +   1127d ago
Since when did Bethesda make DOOM games? What the hell are they doing behind this title?
Mkai28  +   1127d ago
Bethesda only announced Doom 3 BFG E being redone, Id software is still doing the game:) seeing as that ZeniMax/Bethesda owns Id now, they only publish Id games for now.
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OneAboveAll  +   1127d ago
Ah nice. Was a bit confused! lol
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