Metro: Last Light - seven reasons it could be 2013's smartest FPS

OXM UK: "This is very much a brainy game, possibly 2013's preeminent specimen of brainy game, assuming Bioshock Infinite and Far Cry 3 don't get there first."

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SaffronCurse2386d ago

Seriously cannot wait to play this one!

t0mmyb0y2385d ago

Have you checked out the Live Action Trailer from the PS store? One of my favorite game trailers ever.

Voxelman2386d ago

Bioshock: Infinite vs Metro: Last Light
I will be getting both, but I know Bioshock will sell better.

joab7772386d ago

Dont forget dishonored. These 3 games and are gonna b my choices for fps this year. I know dishonored is more stealth than guns but all three are bioshock/half life-esque and i cannot wait to play.

FarCryLover1822386d ago

Shouldn't they be your choices for FPS next year? But I agree with you.

Voxelman2386d ago

Dishonored is this year not 2013

joab7772385d ago

They will all be within a few months and i am very much looking forward to that syle of fps. They are much more cerebral and use rpg elements to enhance gameplay.

Zha1tan2386d ago

Its one to watch, the first metro was great despite its running costs on PC

CanadianTurtle2385d ago

Honestly, I've seen some footage of this game and its just brilliant. I can't believe how well they've made the atmosphere.