Max Payne 3 New York Minute Hardcore Playthrough

Max Payne 3 requires you to beat the game in 1 sitting without dying or quitting, this unedited/uncut video shows you how its done in 1 play through by Hakoom.

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Acquiescence2393d ago

It was unbearably nerve-wracking by the later chapters. Halfway during the last chapter I had 26 seconds left on the clock and thought for certain that I was gonna run out of time. With overwhelming relief I managed to gain some more time and complete the mode.

M1chl2393d ago

Respect for you sir : )

LightSamus2393d ago

One sitting without dying? o_0 Dayum, that's insane.

acemonkey2392d ago

somebody wanna do this trophy for me?

Outsider-G2389d ago

Completed this a couple days ago as well. Had about 8 minutes left in the last checkpoint, so glad it's over with. Congrats man.