EA: 'There's no end to what we can do' with Fifa

IncGamers: Pushing the boundaries of Fifa compared to the skills of Messi, Ronaldo and Drogba.

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360GamerFG2388d ago

Translation: we are going to make a new Fifa and get away with it every single year forever.


If I have to pay £40 a year to play FIFA for the rest of my life then so be it, the amount of hours I put into FIFA exceed every other game I've played. And to those who think every FIFA is the same, then you clearly haven't been playing it. FIFA 12 is very different to FIFA 11.

Anderson82388d ago

£40?? where the hell do you buy your games.. i get it for like £25 day 1

aCasualGamer2388d ago

The gameplay is everything in Fifa games, and the slightest changes can alter the entire experience for me. I'm really glad they release demos so we get to try the new gameplay changes, and that's key for me when deciding to buy the new FIFA games or not.

bumnut2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

I stay a year behind with Fifa, its cheaper and not a lot changes anyway!

Still plays the same

brish2388d ago

"'There's no end to what we can do' with Fifa"

If the next version of the game is a soccer game I won't be getting it. They did that last time.

blinkingfast2388d ago

each year a new sports game they change very little yet make a new game every year best gaming profit market.

Fishermenofwar2388d ago

I'm not sure what haters want in a football game....If they add new players and a bit better graphics..What more can you ask for?

The rules of football have stayed the same for years....What do you guys want..Fifa 2013 FPS edition????

N4G-er2388d ago

Well, they don't HAVE to make one every year but they do anyways.

bub162388d ago

EA Sports are just as bad as COD now. Least in the earlier versions of the game you saw a difference each year. now its all the same just a different skin...

Anderson82388d ago

the yearly thing may not be necessary but every yr the mechanics change significantly play fifa11 then 12 the differance is huge

moredekai2388d ago

Does that mean they are going to take it "out onto the street in a cross country soccer/football tournament while you get chased by soccer/football hooligans and the police for a chance at a large sum of cash?" Because that's what they did to the need for speed franchise that "they can do anything with"

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