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DHGF: The Revenge of Shinobi is an awesome game. Unfortunately this port of RoS suffers from control and movement detections that make the game nigh unplayable at times. Sure the game has trophy support and the wonderful option to play different versions of the game ranging from Japan’s The Super Shinobi to the US’s most recent take on the game, but when basic moves that you need to get through the game aren’t recognized by the controller most of the time, all the added extras and spiify add-ons aren’t worth anything at all. Instead, pay three dollars more and get the Wii version of this game. Spider-Man may be pink and it may be three dollars more without the fluff, but it actually plays like The Revenge of Shinobi is meant to be played. It’s like the Sega Smash Pack version of this game all over again, but with completely different issues. Boo-urns.

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SaiyanFury2391d ago

I was surprised by how thorough the review was. That said, I won't be buying this game on Xbox LIVE or on PSN. This is exactly the reason I have a fully functional Genesis hooked up to my SD gaming setup in my living room. Also, as such, I own an original copy of Revenge of Shinobi, as well as the original Shinobi for the Master System, Shadow Dancer, and Shinobi III. Saving those, I can always play emulator versions of these games, in their original forms. :)