5 game characters that shouldn’t be alive

Some characters get by with the skin of their teeth. Their luck and dices with death often leave us wondering how they survived. MyGaming check out 5 game characters that shouldn't be alive after all they've been through.

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versusALL2386d ago

It just goes to show you that all the characters listed are BADASS!

jeseth2386d ago

Ummmm... Drake and Croft I agree with. The rest, not so much.

Before I even read the article I said to myself "If Nathan Drake isn't on this list...." and there he was. The scene from U2 is a perfect example too, the guy flying/shooting in that helicopter must have been a Storm Trooper his aim was so bad!!!

Honestly, I thought Solid should have been on this list! I love him to death but he's escaped by the skin of his teeth for 20+ years beating insane mechs, warlords, and the most skilled killers ever in video games!

Fun discussion though ...

Nimblest-Assassin2386d ago

Agree with all (maybe not sonic) of them especially kratos

He has been sent to hell in all 3 games, and crawls his way back out... hell at the end of 3 SPOILERS he stabs himself, and then poof his body is gone

This is pretty much a list of badasses (well except sonic)

JimmyP2386d ago

@Jeseth, fair point! Snake has been through the gauntlet of bad luck!

zeal0us2385d ago

Missing Solid Snake & Naked Snake/The Big Boss on that list.

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cyborg472386d ago

Captain Price scratching out ninth life?!
There are two price' remember? the one from the first two cods is different from the one in the MW series.

JimmyP2386d ago

Yeah, Captain Price is the grandson of the OLDer Price. But the point still remains that MW Cap Price has been through some SERIOUSLY sketchy situations.

lastdual2386d ago

I would add Kirby to this list.

Inhaling spikes, flames and high-voltage electricity can't be healthy. Plus you'd think he would have choked on something by now...

JimmyP2386d ago

Kirby would definitely have some sort of disease from putting all kinds of things in his mouth... ._.

-GametimeUK-2386d ago

Sonic is already dead to me...

JimmyP2386d ago

Sonic Generations was a beacon of hope for me.

-GametimeUK-2386d ago

I had given up hope by then :-(
I enjoyed Sonic Rush on the DS, but other than that Sonic games have disappointed me since the 16bit days. My last hope was Sonic 4 since it was a true numbered Sonic game. I have the first episode and it is playable, but it just isn't an enjoyable experience like the first 3 and has gave me no desire to purchase the second episode.

MySwordIsHeavenly2386d ago

NO!!! You have to try Generations! Seriously. It's the ONLY good Sonic game this generation.

r212386d ago

this isnt fair to the rest of em, Captain Price is immortal thus he can never die!

also co za asy!

DragonKnight2386d ago

RayWilliamJohnson is fail.

r212386d ago

yeah he sucks now but before he wes quite funny

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The story is too old to be commented.