Resistance Vita Drops In Price, Sony Not Offering Refunds

TheSixthAxis writes: Yesterday we reported that Sony were selling Resistance: Burning Skies on the US PSN Store digitally for the full RRP of the game – $40. Here’s the original story.

Shortly (very shortly) after that post, Sony dropped the price, down $4 to $35.99. That’s better, but still a poor show given the massively reduced manufacturing costs of the digital version.

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DaThreats2362d ago

SONY dropping the ball
Resistance vita getting mixed reviews
Online server being crappy on launch
And now this

Nitrowolf22362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

Actually this is something that should be addressed. If I remember correctly didn't Sony promise that digital games would be cheaper than the physical copies?
It shouldn't have been priced at $40 on psn to begin with.

Nitrowolf22362d ago

Yep $35.99 was suppose to be the original pricing, just like Gravity Rush:

darthv722362d ago

if enough people bought it at the higher price would refund them the difference.

Now, just how many digital copies were sold before the new price went into effect?

Unexpecta2362d ago

Even if a lot of people complained about their early purchase, or a few people complained, it definitely needs to be fixed by Sony.

And even if it's just a $4 loss, Sony must reimburse all gamers who bought the digital Burning Skies version for $40.

Anon19742362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

I can't get over this. This isn't going to make me very popular, but is there some price protection plan that only applies to gamers that I'm unaware of? What on earth can you purchase before a price drop where you're instantly entitled to a refund if you paid the higher price? If you bought a 3DS a week before prices were slashed, did you get a check in the mail? I don't care if the game was out for 5 minutes and they dropped it. You were willing to spend $4 more initially, and now suddenly it's an issue?

Are gamers now so completely entitled that they can't even take responsibility for spending their own money? When doesn't the game industry owe you people something? Pathetic. "Bu-bu-but the game was SUPPOSED to be cheaper!" Well then why'd you buy it if price was an issue for you? Take responsibility for your own spending decisions.

Fox_Mamba2362d ago

I agree with darkride66, if buying it initially was an issue in price, you should be responsible to know how the business works. I bought the game in physical format to avoid this issue all together the game is mine and I don't expect a refund. For future advice don't buy a game day 1 launch, wait and watch, I on the other hand will be playing. I agree with Nitrowolf2 that digital games should be cheaper, but I solved this issue by buying the physical copy until they do.

JokesOnYou2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

Wow, I agree with darkride, well partially if Sony themselves are saying the price on psn was a mistake then refunds are due, if however they decided recently to drop the price then those who brought early are owed nothing.

Ducky2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

" Pathetic. "Bu-bu-but the game was SUPPOSED to be cheaper!" Well then why'd you buy it if price was an issue for you? Take responsibility for your own spending decisions."

... shouldn't the company take responsibility for their pricing error? O.o

Also, a lot of electronics (such as laptops, consoles, handhelds, etc) do have a price protection plan in stores (such as BestBuy) where they reimburse you if the product you bought drops in price during the next weeks/month.
Nevermind the fact that it's considered common courtesy to actually reimburse your customers when YOU screw up.

It's good that Sony appears to be planning to reimburse the original purchases though. Otherwise, all it's going to do is teach consumers to not buy things from PSN.

smashman982362d ago

@ darkride

2 words


BattleAxe2362d ago

A digital download should cost no more than $30.00. The only exception being big budget games like GTA 4 which cost Rockstar $100 million to produce, then I can understand the higher price tag.

mcstorm2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

@darkride66 I agree with you and was thinking the same thing. There have been plenty of times I have bought something and the next day the price has dropped but if you thought it was too expensive when you bought it then buy it when the price has dropped.

Skyrim was dropped to £20 by Gamestation in the uk not long after was released so was Rage but I got them both at full price and did not expect them to refund me.

Its the same with anything. I got BT broadband when I moved into my new place and 2 days after I signed up for it they had a new deal that was giving half price for 6 months. Its just part of life and people need to get over it.

morganfell2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, nor any company or government are supposed to be your babysitter. If you aren't adult enough to look at the price then you do not need to be driving or voting either.

If the price was too high you should have said something before you purchased.

I bought the digital copy. How much did I pay? I have no idea and frankly I do not care. Whether the game was $35 or $40 I was buying it either way. It would be one thing if the price was listed at $35 and then when you charged it the bill popped out at $40. But that isn't what happened. What happened was some people skipped the first grade class where you learned basic math and how to read.

CommonSense2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

@Darkride: it's not just gamers. people, today (especially in the US and Europe) are so entitled when it comes to EVERYTHING. it's the reason why the economy is so awful.

as for gaming specifically...ppl should know better, at this point, than to be early adopters. especially when it comes to iffy titles and hardware.

Hufandpuf2361d ago


You deserve a medal, and a bubble +1

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ginsunuva2362d ago

Trolling fail. Sony wasn't dropping the price; they marked it too high by accident on the PS store.

RememberThe3572362d ago

In that case people are owed some refunds.

kikizoo2362d ago

Exactly ginsunuva, the sixthaxis is one of the worst steath troll against sony...

i'm sure people would have their refunds, sony is always giving free stuffs, refunds, even when online is down because of pirates = tons of free games (3+ ps+)....for a mistake, it's 100% sure people would have their 5$ on psn soon.( but perhaps trolls are talking about wire on your banq account, and psn never do that, everybody knows that, only psn credits, and it's not a probleme for 5$, seriously..)

MrMister2362d ago

@ DaThreats:
What are you alluding to when you say "Again"? When has Sony dropped the ball (recently), other than in this instance? It's not Sony who fumbled it's the development team. Sony just publishes as a first party. Go troll elsewhere.

InTheZoneAC2361d ago

there are a lot of games with much higher budgets and hype that release with online issues.

people who d/l it full price have no one to blame but themselves. What other 1st party vita game is the same price as retail?

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GribbleGrunger2362d ago

i love the approach here. so the game gets a price drop. Great, yeah? Wrong! we don't get refunds. PATHETIC

360GamerFG2362d ago

The game was SUPPOSED to be cheaper to begin with as per their promise that psn versions would be cheaper. Now that they rectified their mistake, they aren't refunding those that bought it full price.
Now I know you worship these guys and you have a million excuses on tap for this but for the regular consumer, this bites.

JoGam2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

Why did I know you will be commenting on this article? Do you follow any and everything Sony related article just to see what you can bring up? SMH!

NastyLeftHook02362d ago

wow 360gamerfg is sonys biggest fan, you are always in there articles.

2362d ago
dragon822362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

As a "regular consumer" you should take the time to do your homework on ANY product you intend to purchase. It is common knowledge that digital versions of Vita games are supposed to be cheaper than retail versions. If you log into the PSN Store and see a game marked wrong, wouldn't you think to yourself that something must be wrong and hold off purchasing that game for a bit? If not then it is your own stupidity that is preventing you from enjoying that extra $4 and not Sony.

ThePsychoGamer2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )


Don't try a push this on the consumers, Sony made a mistake that caused people to pay more for a product then they should have, then they say they wouldn't make amends for there own mistake. Any way you look at it that is bad business practice.

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MrBeatdown2362d ago

When did the game release? Like 18 hours ago? A customer service rep isn't going to have a clue why they should be offering refunds for a game that only released yesterday afternoon. Not offering refunds just because of a price drop is likely normal policy.

Give it a little time and Sony will likely do mass refunds.

stevenhiggster2362d ago

I got a refund into my wallet when I bought Escape Plan and it was the wrong price. I didn't even think about it or ask for it, it just turned up a week or so after I bought it.

CommonSenseGamer2362d ago

Sony's pricing model did the Go no favors...seems like they learnt nothing from their previous mistake. If the Vita fails they can only blame themselves.

himdeel2362d ago

I have to agree. Sony is there own worse enemy here. From the pricing of the games to the pricing of the memory cards. They are on a slippery slope.

archemides5182362d ago

i bought it at full price from psn....thanks a lot you punks