TechTroid: In Defense Of...The Nintendo Wii

The first in a new series of bi-weekly articles defending the video game industry's most underrated gems. We look at Nintendo's brave foray into motion gaming, and defend the choices the company have made with their current-gen console.

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tbuxton422386d ago

Cheers mate, it's always great to get some praise rather than rebuttals or criticisms! Please recommend it to anyone else you know for approvals!

darthv722386d ago

Even those who despise the wii should give it a good honest read.

SavageKuma2386d ago

Wow I am very impressed with this article definitely sharing this on my fanpage. Honestly besides the retro aspects the wii was not really a system for me. It was great for a my little cousins, but even with some of the adult games they had, I was still not convinced to buy one for myself. The funny part is when Japan actually changed the name of Pac-man from Puk-man because they were afraid that people will screw with the name changing the P to an F. However they didn't think people will do the same dissing the name "Wii", the revolution was a better name in my opinion, but I see where nintendo was coming from stating they wanted to keep things family oriented and the name "revolution" sounded to fierce. Great article once again.

tbuxton422386d ago

Revolution could have been a troublesome name to go with if things had turned awry, yet I can't help but wonder like you if the name would have silenced the naysayers. Cheers for sharing it on your fanpage, I'll be writing new entries in the 'In Defense Of...' series every other week (e.g. looking at the FPS genre and other mistaken gems), so look out for more in the near future!

astroanthony2386d ago

The Wii could of been so much more if Nintendo gave the system a greater online feature.

Dovahkiin2386d ago

And made the graphics up to scratch, obviously gameplay>graphics, but you know what I mean.

NYC_Gamer2386d ago

The Wii wasn't for me because of motion controls

darthv722386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

but having played the same way for the last 30 years....something had to come along and change that. Or at least give it the old college try.

Funny how much the popularity of a brand can alter the perception. Had it been Sony to come out with it first there 'could' have been a very different view on the whole subject.

Motion controls are definitely not for everyone or every game but there are some that (IMO) I just can't see playing any other way from now on.

edit: my reasoning for using Sony as the example was due mostly to their success of both the PS1 and PS2 platforms. It made more sense to center the comment on them because of their global popularity and brand recognition.

Had Sony been first to market with such an idea could have changed the acceptance of motion controls for this and subsequent generations.

SolidSystem2386d ago

defend it all you want, every console has different things that appeal to different people.

no matter what you say, the wii was a bust for me.
I choose consoles for games, the Wii didnt deliver games I liked.

so glad some of you guys seemed to like it, I hated it.

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