Sony to embark on 'Storyteller' ebook initiative at E3

A PS3 ebook strategy will be unveiled by Sony at E3, MCV understands.

It will be called ‘Storyteller’ and will see PS3 – and possibly Vita – used to present interactive documents and books, with a particular focus on children’s content.

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Stuart57562387d ago

Don't bother Sony, seriously.

GribbleGrunger2387d ago

why? it would be a welcome addition for some

Pandemic2387d ago

I think this could work on the PS Vita, but I'm a bit skeptical about it being on the Playstation 3..

THC CELL2387d ago

Would work well with PS3 n move

howardgorman2387d ago

Good little scoop. Nice one. I can't see it working too well on the PS3 though. Definitely a possibility on the Vita though.

TheLyonKing2387d ago

See I still don't have a kindle cause i prefer the feel of a book in my hand I don't mind carrying a couble of books with me for long trips. Its good that sony is trying to branch the psv out but on actual playstation am not so sure it will take off.

stage882387d ago

Not sure how this would work on a TV but lets see...

WooHooAlex2387d ago

If its geared towards kids, you'll probably use the Move controller to interact with the story, turn the pages, play mini games ect...

I think it could work pretty well actually.

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The story is too old to be commented.