Great PS3 Moments: The 2009 PlayStation Move Tech Demo

TheSixthAxis: This week we’re talking about the five biggest moments in the PS3′s history – we’ve already talked about the introduction of trophies, and then covered the Slim revision – today let’s look back at PlayStation Move, and the tech demo at E3 2009.

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Stuart57562391d ago

I loved this tech demo, it showed so much potential.

Huwmor2391d ago

I'd be much more inclined to get a move if they released these tech demos as they are(maybe a little bit of polish), similar to the free release of eye create to bolster the pseye's media capabilites.

I'd say too many move buyers have roughly 2 move-enabled games and maybe they don't even like one,so they leave it gathering dust

SonyStyled2389d ago

the move games i got is
Resistance 3
Killzone 3
Zumba Fitness
Motorstorm Apocalypse
Heavy Rain
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

the only ones ive played extensively with the move is Heavy Rain and Tiger Woods. really great expiriences actually. still working my way through Heavy Rain

Huwmor2389d ago

That's cool. But how many of those games do you feel like move is a genuinely better experience over a controller? I'm just going by my limited hands on with move but I want games that feel like they need the move rather than trying to replace my right thumbstick with it. By all accounts sorcery achieves this and simply lacks much content (the campaign isn't that long and there's little else to kill time in it,challenges etc.)

I hope for more games with this style of implementation. A serious darksouls-like rpg would be top of my list. Also I don't see why there aren't some move enabled minis (I don't know if minis are allowed to use move), instead of the expense of a full release mini-game compilation. Because the few of those available currently ain't exactly wii sports.

SaffronCurse2389d ago

Sports champions is a pretty solid move title.

Would be so awesome if they released these tech demos on the ps store.

SonyStyled2389d ago

yea sony should release little tech demo apps on the store. ms releases little apps and stuff with the kinect

Chicago85062389d ago

I admit, for some time my PS Move has been sitting on the sideline.
But I found myself enjoying the heck out of "Hustle Kings."
Killzone3 is actually pretty fun to play with it, among other titles that utilize it's capabilities, but once I tried out "Sorcery" with it, I knew that Casual was definately ready to co-exist with Hardcore on PS3.

Sorcery isn't perfect, but it's indeed a marquee title to own owning PS Move.
Move isn't bad, it just needs exclusive support.
Game On.

Yumi-Yumi4urTummy2389d ago

I believe what you need its practice, and move the "ball" correctly, after all "Practice make Perfection".

So, you have it on the sideline! mmm. Maybe, later I'll show you how I handle the Move (ball), and new tricks.

I'm an expert on that subject.☺ I'll give you exclusive support, if you needed.

Chicago85062389d ago

wise guy eh?
Tricks n "Balls" huh?
Sounds like u want more than exclusive support buddy...
U want something private do ya?
They got places across the globe for things u desire guy.

SonyStyled2389d ago

if anyones looking for support ill happily send you a jock strap

Yumi-Yumi4urTummy2389d ago

Relax buddy, I'm just only trying to help you with your Move, since you are having it sitting on the sideline for a while. I thought you need some help in that matter. Oh well, guess you're fine. Just practice more with the ball.☺

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