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We are almost one year removed from the big announcement that Nintendo made concerning their next generation console, the WiiU. Rumors have been circling that perhaps, both Microsoft and Sony might follow in their competitors foot steps and give us a bit of yummy information about the next generation. But alas gamers, I am the bearer of bad news as Sony will,probably, not be announcing anything about the Playstation 4. I thought I would get that bit of information out of the way, before I make predictions for E3. So cheer up, as Sony still has the tools to steal the show.

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Stuart57562389d ago

Expect a next gen tease with a pre-rendered 'here's what we want to achieve in the future' video. I'm looking forward to next years E3, mega bombs will be dropped!

jamstorr862388d ago

hmmmm I think next gen was originally planned for E3 this year, but i suspect they have withdrawn them and gone back to the drawing board due to critical comments regarding the leaked specs from people such as Epic games. well I hope they have.