Velocity now playable on US PS Vita's

Futurlab have today announced that the excellent space shooter Velocity is now available to play on the PS Vita in the US, having overcome issues allowing the game to be played on the Vita.

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kasasensei2064d ago

Buy & Play this game, it's the best "minis" game ever released.

usedandreviewed2064d ago

Hard to believe it is actually only a 'PS Mini' rather than a PSN game. Maybe Futurlab will bring out a fully featured Velocity 2 for PSN with trophy support, online leaderboards etc..

PT Fone Home2064d ago

Yes my American friends, it's well worth a buy

r212064d ago

what about Asia or Europe vita owners?

usedandreviewed2064d ago

The game can be played on EU PS Vita already. Not sure about Asia, sorry.

r212064d ago

its ok, Asian owners always get crap compared to US and europe stuff.

irishyort2064d ago

This is a painfully long process - Thanks Sony NA!

Still cand download it through the PSV store.

And no I don't own a PS3, so cannot transfer it. This has ordinary written all over it Sony NA!!

usedandreviewed2064d ago

It's a shame. There are a large number of good PS Minis not available to download onto the Vita in the US. Lets hope SCEA sort the issues out pronto!

ddurand12064d ago

ill buy this, but there is no excuse for not having one all inclusive ps store for everyone on every system.

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