PSN Access is back for 3.55 CFW

Great news for everyone who missed out on connecting their 3.55 CFW PS3s to the PSN, the team Codename: Rebug has released a simple to install PKG file that will allow you to once again access the current PSN, and download your missing DLC files, or simply recover/create a username so you can enable ReactPSN. I am sure over the next couple of days, many users will be sure to take full advantage of this option. That is, before Sony catches on and decides to put a stop to it; which may have to wait until after this year's E3 convention, scheduled for June 5th - 7th.

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TrevorPhillips2360d ago

There's obviously no point.

0pie2360d ago

i dont get why n4g let this kind of article go...

Afterlife2360d ago

Blame these people who approved it:

Menashe (2) | 3h ago
SoldtoChrist (3) | 28m ago
TechGear (1) | 2h ago
danswayuk (2) | 2h ago
vicheous (2) | 13m ago

BISHOP-BRASIL2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

Yup, those 5 guys and the one who posted the article should all be banned as far a I am concerned, this is not the kind of news anyone wants to give more exposure to.

No legit player want pirates and hackers in the online community. We have enough cheaters as it it.

EDIT: Also, you can click under the "read full story" (don't click it, don't give those guys hits, click UNDER it) to rate the site and the story, I guess this can remove this crap from the main page.

Chrono2360d ago

These people can't live without pirating, can they?

Ser2360d ago

It's like they just sit there all day conjuring up new ways to do it. You know what?...They probably do.

0pie2360d ago

i guess there is a lot of verry poor people who can buy a 60$ games so they prefer to steal it.

Hisiru2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

I am not a pirate, but PS3 games here in Brazil are $180,00 at launch and we have a lower salary than americans.

We pay:
-R$900,00 for a PS3
-700,00 for a PS Vita
-240.000,00 for a Range Rover (that is costing just 30.000,00 in the United States)
-180.000,00 for a Chevrolet Camaro (that is costing just 20.00,00 in the United States)

We have some problems (government taxes) even for people who wants to pay for their original games.

But yeah... but nothing justifies piracy.


Também moro no Brasil (I live in Brazil too).

Pricing here is about as crazy as it gets.

And you probably know it, but RS900 (450 USD) PS3 and R$700 (350 USD) Vita are both usually grey market (importação ilegal, evasão de impostos).

The official price here is R$1199 (600USD) for PS3 and R$1599 (800USD) for the only Vita available (a bundle with MNR: Road Trip, a 4GB card and a pouch).

Every company here set their profits as high as 50% and than blame the taxes, which is massive, but not the only responsible.

Hisiru2360d ago

Youre totally right man, this is how things works here (sadly).

I actually paid 900,00 for my PS3, but yes, it's not the offical price. The official price is actually higher (as you said).



Don't believe the hype... There really only a few nude beaches here and they are filled with ugly people... Just like mostly everywhere else I guess.

There's pretty women here? Sure, but not to the extent those travel agencies leaflets made it to be.

0pie2360d ago

You know ... here a ferrari can cost up to 1 millions... And im not gonna steal one because i cant buy one...

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Kyosuke_Sanada2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

Well everything in this world casts a shadow so it's only natural for pirates to exist. But then there are ludicrious pricing at other parts of the world and other examples of greed in high places which contribute to this as well so it's a vicious circle.

The only question is will the proper countermeasures be enforced that doesn't screw the legal consumers....

PixL2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

Great news? Piss off cheaters. I hope ban is coming soon.

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