Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2 confirmed

After months of speculation, Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2 has finally been confirmed.

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Ahasverus2361d ago

Approve this one, please,
It's regarding to the 3DS sequel. new images of Trevor AND Simon. Also, Screenshots!

You're all gonna love it.

Batzi2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

no it's NOT! The first game was developed by MercurySteam and Kojima Productions were just supporting them with ideas. Basically whenever MercurySteam finished a new version of some part of the game, they would send it to Kojima Productions staff to check on it and give feedback. It was developed by MercurySteam using MercurySteam's engine! Get your facts rights. The Fox Engine will be demonstrated in July according to Kojima and the first game that will utilize the engine is most likely to be MGS5.


Lord_Sloth2360d ago

I will not love it! I will hate it with a burning passion! I despise what they've done with Castlevania by outsourcing it to such an incompetent dev team!

M4I0N32360d ago

it's got me thinking, why didnt kojima get mercury steam to develop metal gear rising instead of platinium games?

gaffyh2360d ago

@ sloth - wtf are you talking about? LOS is the best 3D Castlevania game BY FAR, the first game was awesome so can't wait for this

--Onilink--2360d ago


well, to be fair, the bar for 3D castlevania games couldnt possibly be lower before LoS arrived... but still it was a good game.

The_Devil_Hunter2360d ago

Ah LoovED the firs LoS it is by one of favorite games this generation. It is a game that is worth every penny, it is lengthy game, a blast to play, a really good story, and the graphics are great! What else can one ask for, this is going to be incredible. I loved LoS

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Batzi2361d ago

Fox Engine? it's not Kojima Productions game man.

Ahasverus2361d ago

Ehm, yes it is? Just like the first Lords of Shadow

PirateThom2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

No, it's not, it's made by Mercury Steam, just like the first one.

Slapping Hideo Kojima's name on it was basically the same as "Quentin Tarantino presents Hostel". Nothing to do with development, but they needed to attach a big name to it.

showtimefolks2361d ago

CLOS is one of the better games story and combat wise, but it borrowed to many elements from other games while that's good and all if you gonna copy someone make sure its just as good if not better

so those huge boss battles are fine and all make sure camera is the biggest problem besides the big boss from SOTC

other than that make the combat more fluid and just make sure the game has enough polish in other areas like which ledge i can jump on and which will be an instant death

don't get me wrong i really liked the 1st and 2nd is a day one for sure but i just want the proper improvements over the 1st.

anyone who has no played the 1st its one of the better games similar to god of war etc,,,, so play the game

if not playing the game atleast watch the ending is one of the best endings ever and sets up quite right for the sequel

fei-hung2360d ago

i liked the game but absolutely hated the narrator! it bored the pants of me and his voice felt so forced and cheesy :s

Bosses could also be a lot better. I played SotC again recently and realised how the original big bosses are so much more fun and challanging than the ones in CLotS.

Other than that, CLotS was an amazing hack n slash. something that has been lacking big time this gen.

360GamerFG2360d ago

That is the great Sir Patrick Stewart you are speaking of. Watch your tongue!

jc485732361d ago

why isn't the other guy making any Castlevania games? the one who does 2d sprites. I love David's way of making Castle too, but I want more Castle games coming from both.

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