The State of Sony, Pre-E3

Nintendo has a stable of decades-long running franchises that no matter what guarantee sales. Microsoft has… well, they still have Halo 4 to keep interest alive this generation. But Sony is in a different situation, particularly going into E3. The house of PlayStation has a number of great franchises from this console cycle, many of which I love. For the most part though, these series seem to have run their course. Instead of relying solely on past landmark franchises, Sony has developed new series that define the PlayStation 3, while also mixing in updates and sequels to classic franchises.

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chrisyoung04222329d ago

Sony has my E3 interest this year.

miyamoto2329d ago

An appealing new mascot from Japan.

Hicken2329d ago

No, they don't.

Sony's approach is to have a huge family of recognizable faces. Drake, Sackboy, Kratos, and so on. You may not know them all, but you'll probably be able to name a few, easy.

browland12329d ago

The Last of Us and God of War: Ascention are my two big hitters from Sony, and I am hoping to learn more about them at E3. And Microsoft, keep Mr. Caffeine far away from the hosting duties and you might catch me interest.

Anyway, great article!


Isn't Mr. Caffeine from Ubisoft???

browland12329d ago

Ah yes, he's with Ubisoft. My mistake. Late nigth posting sometimes causes the brain to get fogged up.

KwietStorm2329d ago

What does Mr.Caffeine have to do with Microsoft?

NastyLeftHook02329d ago

as far as im concerned there is no e3 without sony.

xursz2329d ago

Agreed. Oh how empty that would be. :(

bahabeast2329d ago

sony just release all those great games you guys have under ur sleeves and we will be fine. i really really dnt understand how microsoft got soo strong wen the sony and everything it offers in terms of hardware software and services is alot better. IMO

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