One Year Later, Did Sony Keep Their E3 2011 Promises?

For the fourth year in a row, we're comparing E3 hype to gaming reality. Sony was our first victim. We'll check Nintendo and Microsoft's E3 2011 promises on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively, at 1pm ET each day.

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Tired2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

I agree.

This article irked me. Mainly because of the stench of bias wafting from the screen making me feel nauseous.

The writer of the article quite clearly wants something to pick at and has very little to work with.

Whenever a promise was fulfilled the article states matter of factly...promise kept.

Whenever the silly little girl perceives Sony to have lied writes in CAPS...promises NOT kept. Only nearly all the times that happens it has to be concluded with ......yet.

How is Sony responsible for what game developers do? If a game developer makes a promise to Sony and underdelivers... that's Sony's fault is it?

Er, So Microsoft are directly responsible for all the crap Peter Molyneux has spouted over the years....that's good to know.

How can Sony be held accountable for games not yet released. Not all of them were given release dates.

I'm looking forward to the articles asking if Nintendo or Microsoft kept their know for fairness' sake. Because judging by Kate Cox's awesome powers of coherent reasoning Nintendo lied by showing a console. A console not given a release date that no-one yet has played or bought. Naughty lying Nintendo. And I don't believe Microsoft had much of anything of merit to hold them to.

Kate Cox should have her vagina sewn up for crimes against journalism. At least she'd be less likely to pass on the stupid gene to her offspring.

miyamoto2387d ago

Her name reminds me of a mid boss in Sin and Punishment 2 I am just playing whose name is "Cock Keeper" now its "Cox Keeper".

Any relation to Tim Cock and Steve Jobs (RIP)of Apple?

ronin4life2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

Is she lying? No. This is all true.

Also, and ot, Nintendo said 2012, and it is coming 2012. How is that lying?
The dumbassery on this site makes me sick.

BrutallyBlunt2386d ago

This article irked you? Why, do you work for Sony? Some of you act like you do. They are going to talk about Nintendo and Microsoft so relax. Talk about them there, not here.

Sony to me are trying hard with the Playstation 3, problem is they weren't very aggressive with third party publishers early on. Their arrogance got in the way. They also focused too much on the hardware and not enough on the software back then. The past few years Sony has really stepped up their game, so to speak.

The Vita I'm not so sure on. It's still too early to tell but early indications show the market has changed.

GribbleGrunger2386d ago

agreed. what a worthless and pointless list of nothing

Hicken2386d ago

So Sony failed to deliver on Battlefield, Bioshock, and Saints Row?

Almost ALL of the NOT kept promises are things that either have yet to be released- while claiming they'd come SOME TIME this year. Hell, we're not even halfway through the year, so most of it shouldn't even be counted as "NOT kept."

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konnerbllb2386d ago

Didn't I read this yesterday? Why is it resubmitted?

RevXM2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

Wasnt PS1 emulation and full Remote-play functionallity supposed to be a part of VITA's features from launch?
Either way I still want it.

And what does SONY have to do with games like Bioshick Infinite and Battlefield 3?
That sounds more like "EA and 2K didn't keep up their promises" too me.

BrutallyBlunt2386d ago

It's still a partnership but yes, it is mostly out of their hands.

Emilio_Estevez2386d ago

They are being more realistic with their expectations now-a-days, resulting in most things coming to fruition.

TheLyonKing2386d ago

I think they delievered on most points. They were unforseeable things but thats not liable to sony.

In personal terms 2011 E3 to this time I havn't really bought any games but with my experience of ps3,vita and psp they have been very good and they have my satisfactory seal of approval :)

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