PS3 vs. Xbox 360: video services compared

The console wars have faded into the background, but two of the protagonists, the Xbox and the PlayStation, are still fighting it out to be more than just a games console, but also an integral part of your home-theatre set-up.

Unless one of the major console-exclusive titles is launched — we're looking at you, Gran Turismo 5 and Halo — or a game geek starts a flame war about which console produces better textures, no one really pays attention to the ongoing war.

That's because many of us have picked a side or taken an each-way bet, and are happy with what we've got. But for those who have yet to add a current-generation games console to their home-entertainment set-up, Microsoft and Sony figure that a plethora of entertainment options are likely to be as tempting as a few exclusive game titles — and possibly even more so.

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hennessey862389d ago

It has far better streaming quality, it is also faster. I have both my PS3 and 360 wired so they both are equal yet the PS3 is so slow to load anything

KyRo2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Sounds like you need to check your internet settings mate.

I only use Netflix so I can't speak for LoveFilm but I use it on both consoles and both only take about 5 seconds, 10 maximum to load and that's with my PS3 using a wireless connection.

stage882389d ago

I have to agree, can't speak for other services but Netflix is far superior on PS3. I get horrible streaming quality on the 360.

Gamer19822389d ago

I agree I have both 360 and ps3 and stuff like skyplayer is unusable on 360. Yet netflix works perfect on ps3 even in HD. Games online works fine on 360 though so its not my net i'm guessing thats more skys problem. As for load times the PS3 starts faster especially if you use Kinect (Kinect takes anohter 5-8 seconds on top of consoles to boot!).

portal_22388d ago

5 years of consistent media playback says otherwise, but nice try trolling saddo.

bahabeast2389d ago

i dnt see how you could say 360 wins when u hav 2 pay twice and is exact same on ps3 wii pc ios android all free

black9112389d ago

3d bluray player, and web browser to stream live shows & movies free. Also ps3 webrowser has PS3youtube which allows you to watch all youtube videos in HD aswell as download them to your Hard Drive. Their are hundreds of sites like this on the PS3.

mcstorm2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

It all depends on how you use them depends on which is the best. I find I use my 360 for BBCI Player, 4OD, C5OD, Netflix, Youtube, Skyplayer and zune. I use the PS3 for streaming movies from my HomeServer as it seems to streem my HD files better and I have sony sync so my tv will control my PS3 and I also use the PS3 in the back for Playtv.

Its all personal choice to be honest and which works best for you as they both have + and - points.

gamer78042389d ago

This one has to go to the 360. Sure alot of their services are the same but xbox 360 has voice and gesture support. Xbox also has zune, which allows you to download your videos as well as stream

Xbox 360 also does better streaming through the pc with support for HD-Surround and windows media center and its tv files etc.

Xbox 360 will soon be getting a web browser.

Sure you have to pay for xbox live gold, but we aren't talking cost here, we are talking end result.

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