Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires Hits PS3 in September

Tecmo Koei will be keeping with its usual Dynasty Warriors release schedule and releasing an "Empires" version of Dynasty Warriors 7.

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Andreas-Sword2393d ago

Why not Dynasty Warriors 8?
or Samurai Warriors 4?

MostJadedGamer2391d ago

Cause Empires are the only DW type games worth playing. Without Empire Mode or Officer mode DW is total garbage.

Officer Mode in DW6: Empires was a awesome idea, but the mercenary battles were so tedious, and boring that they ruined it. They need to get rid of that crap, and make sure Officer Mode is fun this time.

Tonester9252392d ago

What's the difference between the regular and the Empires?

MostJadedGamer2391d ago

Regular DW games are total garbage, and have no purpose to them while Empires actually gives you a real reason to play.

They have a map to conquer which is totally non-linear, and in officer Mode you can do things like get married. Basically you have a real reson to play the game.

Myst-Vearn2392d ago

Awesome. I love the Empires version of the DW games, and DW6 Empires was disappointing so hopefully this one delivers.

Azfargh2392d ago

DW Empires is something like this:
- No Story Mode like the main titles
- Allows you to make your own story
- Gameplay consists in territory occupation
- More "somethings" (weapons, characters, systems, items)
- CAW System (Create A Warrior)
- Always worth much more your money rather the main series

I just hope there still CAW systems and more characters and weapons to announce.

DasTier2385d ago

I though you were gonna say Create A Wrestler, man this ain't SVR07

Azfargh2384d ago

Would be fun to make Undertaker dominate the ancient China though...

DasTier2385d ago

Ive waited for this game since 7 was announced but now we learn its not coming to 360? :( I am disappoint.