Sony needs more than Sorcery to resurrect the PlayStation Move

The first time we saw Sony's PlayStation Move, it didn't even have a name: we only knew it as the PS3 motion controller. The newfangled prototype was Sony's response to the success Nintendo found in the Wii, a motion-sensitive "me-too" that hoped to one up the competition with better tracking, more "core" games and a curious glowing ball perched on its top. Its first outing showed a handful of tech demos, flaunting gameplay concepts that we'd eventually see in Sports Champions and Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest. Since then, the Move has seen its fair share of exclusive and compatible titles, but none quite engaging enough to make the peripheral a must-have accessory. With the next generation just around the corner and Sony's portable cards already on the table, E3 2012 is looking a little light on the hardware front. If Sony's going to give the Move one final push, now is the time.

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Akuma-2389d ago

plants need more than sunlight to grow

decrypt2389d ago

They need porn and lube(lots of lube), thats all it will take.

NYC_Gamer2389d ago

It's too late plus Sony needs to focus on Vita

bacano2389d ago

Honestly, I loved Move the first time I tried it. Also, it was cheaper than kinect - and not so awkward. If Time Crysis wouldn't suck, I would buy it right now! But Sorcery?? bitch, please

user54670072389d ago

I think the focusing on core games and theb PS3 is better then focusing on a silly gimmick. Why do you think they didn't advertise it as much, they just created it because they knew motion control was popular and wanted something to compete against Kinect....basicaly Sonys attempt to take a chunk of Kinects audience.

It's not like they were relying on it to sell a crap ton...hell it's done pretty well without 500 million spent on advertising.

Redempteur2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

MOve was shown and existed since 2004 it started as a PS2 project Aka way before microsoft came with kinect or the wii arrived

pandaboy2389d ago

That's beside the point. Sony wouldn't have produced move if the wii wasn't a success and microsoft weren't working on kinect.

I'm actually really disappointed how sony handled the device, virtually no third party support in games that seem to be made for move e.g. portal 2 and skyrim. We should have seen an open world rpg support move, but maybe this didn't come to fruition because of the limitations of the device.

Move seemed to be over-hyped on websites like n4g, it's perhaps not really as capable as it has been made out.

Redempteur2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Open world games with move exist ..Infamous 2 being the most spectacular ( and one of the most praised Move implementations ).
3rd party support was there ( and is still there ) just because every game doesn't support it is beside the point too ...every game shouldn't support this device as it's not made for every game..

Skyrim is a lag fest on PS3 , so they have other things to do beside making move work with it ..

For your information i know that infamous 2 is not a rpg but there is no need for move and rpgs to work together ...

MOve is a technology that work and added something different to the games that use it ( LBP2, Infamous , killzone are notable examples) and that's why it's praised simply works ..Sports champions is the most precise sport game on the market ...and that level of precision is impossible to copy on other devices..

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The story is too old to be commented.