5 Things Grand Theft Auto V Should Lift From Max Payne 3

Since Rockstar released GTA IV four years ago, both Red Dead Redemption and now Max Payne 3 have brought enough tweaks and changes to the studio's brand of cover-based gunplay that GTA IV's action feels crusty and clunky by comparison. Max Payne 3 in particular refines Rockstar's third-person manshooting to a new and occasionally truly exhilarating degree. It's impossible not to want to see some of this stuff make it into GTA V.

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hennessey862360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

1. The quality acting
2. The great story
3. The level of polish
4. A.I
5. GTA V with bullit time :D

Valenka2359d ago

The only thing I agreed with in that article is the option to remove enemy indicators on the mini-map.

LightSamus2359d ago

I don't actually think that would work with GTA. Max Payne is a linear game that doesn't really need a map whereas GTA has a massive sprawling city to explore.

Valenka2359d ago

Regardless of whether you think it would work or not, there's no harm in adding the option. Furthermore, I fail to see how it wouldn't work--being able to remove enemy indicators from the minimap would add realism. You'd actually have to figure out who's shooting at you and from where, opposed to just looking at the map and knowing instantly.

tigertron2359d ago

Basically an open world Max Payne 3 with all the features from San Andreas.

nepdyse2359d ago

Shooting/cover mechanics, character animations and movement. Not that clunky unresponsive bs that is GTA4.

AgreeFairy2359d ago

Bullet time. Of course they won't do that as their goal is to try and remove all of the fun from the game so that they can replace it with more "realism".