A Final Fantasy VII Remake Wouldn’t Go Over So Well These Days

It's almost like you can't go a day without seeing someone ask for a Final Fantasy VII remake. People get excited over the thought. Would that even go over so well these days? The game had some crazy scenes that would make the ESRB rethink it's decision over a game they rated back in 1997.

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bacano2389d ago

The title is smarter than the article. Despite the ESRB rating, it is clear that nowadays gamers have a different concept of what a RPG is...

These are Mass Effect and Skyrim times (both great games).

I just would like to say that when FFVII came out... it was AMAZING. Even the graphics were amazing (nobody would care about characters models, the WORLD was just so rich and beatiful). But is impossible to communicate the impressions that such a story caused in our hearts. Even with the most polished remake, it won't happen again...I just would take a sentence from the article: "It was all about popping the cartridge or disc in and having some good times" (Sorry,I feel nostalgic :')

Pixel_Enemy2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

It can adapt but it would piss off the hardcore fans that expects a complete remake that doesn't deviate gameplay wise from the original.

Just take a look at Final Fantasy Crisis Core. It is from the FF7 universe, it has a completely different battle approach, it is fun and still an RPG. Something like that could work and I'd be a happy camper.

You can't please everyone and that is the issue with this title. You are bound to piss off some one who has their own expectations of what they'd like the remake to be.

Lucretia2389d ago

again and i always say this.

the most realistic way we would have a proper ff7 remake that people would't get as pissed over is having it on the Vita with Kingdom Hearts 2 style graphics.

that way the gameplay can stay the same, and we would even accept the Giant cloud on the world map.

now an HD full remake, thats to much work, making the enourmous world open and realistically scaled so when Cloud walks up to Midgar its actually fully modeled and approachable as a city.

meaning for sure vehicles and chocobo's would be needed because just the scale of Midgar itself is insane.....not to mention the amount of resources it would take to model that city in 3d

thebudgetgamer2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

That's bs, because when it got released on PSN it was in the top ten for months.

OK, after reading it the reasons he gives are lame as there is way worse stuff happening in game we play now.

Also when has a mature rating ever stopped a game from selling well

wishingW3L2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

you got disagrees for stating a fact. I remember that when FF8 and FF9 came out they took the top spot but then a few weeks later FF7 went back to the top again and stayed there for some time.

izumo_lee2389d ago

Ummm we see these types of events happen often in movies & tv shows & the viewing public do not have that much a gripe with it now.

The wall market events i consider to be comedic rather than something sought out to be serious. A guy dressing up as a girl (urged on by girls mind you) is pretty funny.

The 'room' is also comedy. Back than the scene played out as a black screen so we do not see what is happening. The same can be done in a remake. The bathing is also not that serious. There are all guys bath houses in japan, after each game sports teams shower together. So no shocking at all if it is remade.

Suicide is a serious deal i can not argue about that, but that scene was that much more dramatic cause it happened that way.

Gold Saucer dates...what 2 dudes sitting on a ride is a 'questionable' thing? Besides most of us would rather see the scene with Aerith or Tifa. Heck Red XIII would be awesome!

I remember it was either Kitase or someone else saying they would drastically change events in the game. I say 'HELL NO!!!' these scenes are part of the legacy that is Final Fantasy 7 changing them would be a crime!

dark-hollow2389d ago

i think square-enix are keeping the FFVII remake card for when any latest main final fantasy game bomb so hard and fans lose faith in the franchise. (sales wise, because lets be honest, they wont care about how the internet hated FFXIII if it sold very well)

then BOOM! two-three years later, FFVII remake has been made and the fanbase is all happy again.

DragoonsScaleLegends2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Final Fantasy has a fan base with fans that would buy anything final fantasy. Saying it won't do too well this time around is wrong. It would probably do better. Article talks about suicides and sex in games and final fantasy doesn't have anything worse than what is in current rated t or e games. Now a remake that I would like to see is Legend of Dragoon. Final fantasy has had several iterations yet older games like the Legend of Dragoon are left in the past. I would like to see older games brought from the past to HD. Instead of seeing more final fantasy games.

gaden_malak2389d ago

Would love to see a Legend of Dragoon remake or sequel.

They are releasing it on PSN though.

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