Resistance Burning Skies Online Server is Broken

"After a long wait, Resistance Burning Skies is finally out for the Playstation Vita. Considering it's the first FPS game to grace the Vita, just about everyone is excited to try it out, but this is also causing problems." - JPS

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admiralvic2393d ago

Sucks since I am one trophy from the platinum (yes... already)

JoGam2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Damn 1 trophy away? Scale 1-10 on difficulty?

HOLD UP: I thought Greg from IGN said it takes 8 to 10 hours to finish?

admiralvic2393d ago

2. Basically there are no difficulty trophies, so you can play it on easy. Kills save after you die, so you can farm some part for certain enemies. Story is short (2 ish hours), so there is honestly nothing stopping you or anyone from doing it.

Hisiru2393d ago

I just started today, you need 2 playtroughs for platinum. How can you do it so fast? The game is not short.

admiralvic2393d ago

@ Hisiru:

I think you're doing something wrong as it can be done in 1 cycle.

You only need 1 cube for each weapon (they dont need to be maxed) and another for one weapon to get all of those trophies. You get about 900 kills via campaign, so you can just replay an enemy heavy part for more kills. There is a part on the last level where there is a red thing (not sure what to call them) and a large guy who passes by it. Simply blow it up (instantly kills him) and allow yourself to die. Rinse and repeat this till you get the 18 kills. This really should cover everything.

Hisiru2393d ago

Thanks to your explanation I already know what I did wrong.

Akuma-2393d ago

i must say that after playing this game it further bolster my opinion about the mass gaming media being a joke and unreliable when it comes to reviews. this game is very good in my opinion. the online servers are sh" at the moment but the few games i played online were very good and fun without incident. the campaign is very good from what ive played but i cant say the whole thing is as polished as uncharted golden abyss. i hope they sort out the servers by tomorrow when i can get my own copy of the game but im flipping happy about this game

GrandTheftZamboni2393d ago

IGN thinks Johnny Crash Does Texas is a better game

8/10 JC Does Texas:

5.5/10 Resistance: Burning Skies:


Trenta272393d ago

That much money for a 2 hour game? Damn...

Wintersun6162393d ago

By that logic CoDs are 5 hour games. And by logic I mean pretending that multiplayer doesn't exist.

Ezio-Auditore002393d ago

you must of been on crack when you were playing if you've already finished.

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Jio2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

The online matches I did get to play were pretty fun. It's not the best, but it's forgivable since it's the first ever full FPS on a handheld, if you like old school simple matches, you'll love Burning Skies multiplayer.

GuruStarr782393d ago

I'm still playing the campaign, so it's not a big deal, hopefully it gets up though, soon.

AusRogo2393d ago

Most games are like that during the first days /week. To those who have had a chance to play online, was it good?

MySwordIsHeavenly2393d ago

It's great online. No connectivity issues here either. No idea why...

Batzi2393d ago

I have problems getting into matches. However it worked once and it was really good taking into account that it is an FPS game on a handheld. The servers should get better in the next 48 - 72 hours.

ieatbabies2393d ago

I wished a better development team worked on the Resistance series. It was unique from a lot of the other fps' out there.

Unfortunately, Insomniac destroyed it with catering to casuals like those who play Call of Duty and ONLY play Call of Duty. Basically selling out being jealous of Activision and their greedy ways and adopting their tactics, thus the failure we call Resistance 3.

The Resistance series was no 10 million seller, but it pushed decent sales. I wish it was more.

In the end Insomniac said in a nice way "f*** guys! We're going multiplatform." Even though they weren't owned by Sony.

neutralgamer192393d ago

I know a good amount of ppl who prefer res 3 over the rest and its not because they are Cod noobs.

Imo the sp for 3 was aweskme and thoroughly enjoyable

ieatbabies2393d ago

The single player I can at least agree on. You have to look at the sales though of Resistance. R1 being the highest selling among the 3.

Resistance 1 - Great campaign
Resistance 2 - Great multiplayer
Resistance 3 - Great campaign.

ginsunuva2393d ago

R1 had the best SP and MP.

R2 had groundbreaking MP and coop, but it was a slight letdown due to its CoDiness.

R3 had a good SP but bad story, and the MP was mediocre.

morganfell2393d ago

I played R1 at launch and for me the R3 story just has more teeth. It is certainly more polished in the mechanics.

It's a personal preference and I respect those whose taste differs from mine but I just found everything in R3, from the story, to the presentation to the graphical choices to be more mature, darker, and more immersive.

cpayne932393d ago

Hold on now. You might be right about the multiplayer, but the single player DID NOT cater to the cod crowd. It had the best single player of most shooters this gen, a great story, creative weapons, health packs, the whole campaign was awesome. If anything, they made a so-so multiplayer mode because they wanted to focus on sp, and if thats the case then I'm very happy it turned out the way it did.

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