Diablo III's Digital Rights Management System Isn't So Bad

Diablo III's always-online DRM isn't as bad as gamers think and in some ways, it actually improves the game's experience and security.

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pat_11_52393d ago

I like the fact that it always lets you keep tabs on what your friends are doing. It makes you feel more like you're part of a community.

TheSleepyGamer2393d ago

I can't help but feel like the level of DRM used by Blizzard is just a smack in the face to PC gamers.

Dylken2393d ago

i have to disagree with this. i was playing last night, and granted it was maintenance day, but the maintenance was delayed and as soon as it was over, we were forced to wait for a solid 30 minutes for error 37 to go away. To some this isnt a big deal, but i can't help but feel a bit bitter about the whole ordeal as i never once had to go through this with D2.

aliengmr2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Having MMO issues in a sp gaming isn't that great. Granted, there's no monthly fee, but it still bugs me when the server is down. Its not the worst thing in the world, but for those, like me, who prefer the sp side of the game, the drm tends to be rather annoying.

I think there is something to be said about an offline mode when the server craps out or you lose Internet for some reason.

Dovahkiin2393d ago

This. Of course it fucking is, there is basically nothing worse than having to be connected to the internet to play AT ALL.

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The story is too old to be commented.