What the Vita needs to be successful

Sony recently announced Vita sales numbers: 1.8 million as of March 2012. The 3DS has sold over 20 million. What does Sony need to do to reach its goal of 11 million sold by the end of the year? How about dropping the price? The rest of the year's game release list is looking thin. What about phasing out the 3G model, or getting a AAA system selling game on the Vita, maybe something like Call of Duty.

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Akuma-2365d ago

more quality games. it has a lot of games now but it needs more and itll be fine

showtimefolks2365d ago

its pretty simple what Vita needs

quality titles
strong 3rd party support
and not all ports of ps3 games

VINNIEPAZ2365d ago

2 words.....MONSTER HUNTER

DJ2365d ago

Relax bloggers, it's only been a few months. The 3DS was predicted by bloggers and the media alike of being on death's doorstep for 8 straight months after launch. Now look at how great it's doing!

Uncharted2Vet2365d ago

yeah but there is a flaw in that statement fact of the matter is nintendo dropped the price alot which is why is selling so well, guarantee if it was still at 250 you'd be singing a different song about the sales its doing now.

Batzi2365d ago

It needs Call of Duty.

Pixel_Enemy2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

From a sales stand point maybe. Resistance is an decent FPS that will hold me over till Killzone or COD.

Add some other quality titles to that like Assassin's Creed 3, LBP Vita, LBP carting, PS Battle Royale and you have yourself a pretty interesting upcoming list.

This is all pre E3, hopefully there will be even more announcements coming really soon!

xAlmostPro2365d ago

Not just COD they need more of ALL AAA multiplats, more of the ps3 exclusives should also have a PS Vita counterpart.

Also they should adopt the same idea valve had with portal two and the same for motorstorm RC.

All PS3 games should come with the vita counterpart for free(if the counterpart exists). It's the only way to achieve full connectivity between the two, that plus more transfarring for more than just MGS.

otherwise buying multiple version of the same games will put people off, i think.

mcstorm2365d ago

Your spot on with what you have just said. But the biggest problem for sony is Japan. Nintendo's 3DS is selling well over there and the PSV is not and this is the strong hold of the portable consoles. The need to bring out the games that part of the world enjoy as FPS games don't do it there and if we are all honest FPS games are not what people but a psv for.

I think sony need to bring some games out to go up against Mario games. So games like LBP, LBD Karting. I also think a new GT game would do well if it is done right and not like the PSP version was a full GT PSV game that can link with GT5 in some way.

I also think they should give the PSV some exclusive games too because having a PS3 and PSV version of the game is going to stop people picking the PSV up.

I also think they need to give us more MP action. The 1st set of games I feel anyway let us down by this. I think UCGA would of been good to have a MP and MNR should of had online MP form the stat as I feel this games gets dull after a few races as this type of game only has some much fun against AI where playing people online is unlimited fun epically with the amount of tracks it has.

I also think we should see more cross platform games like MSRC but maybe also give us some indie games that people on the PS3 can play and we can play on the PSV too and if you buy the game on the PS3 or PSV you get the other version for free too.

I really like my PSV but I do feel Sony are letting the device down.

Im sure things will pick up for the console but sony will need to get there act together before its too late.

one2thr2365d ago

What it needs to be successful, is for a lot of people to stop making doom and gloom articles and actually pickup and play with a Vita before they make assumptions about how its doomed to fail...

LOGICWINS2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

What does picking up and playing Vita have to do with determining whether or not its doomed to fail? Just because I play/enjoy something doesn't mean that I lose the rational thought to understand that others(maybe the wide majority of gamers) may not feel the same way I do. For example, I enjoy my PS3 very much, but I know it will never have the success the PS2 had. Or JRPGs for instance. I love em, but I know that most console gamers prefer action heavy shooters.

What about Shenmue and the Dreamcast? I picked it up. Played it and loved it. But I understood it was doomed to fail do to the quick rise of the PS2 .

My question to you is, why is Vita any different? Why can't u simply enjoy Vita, while understanding that plenty of people out there don't(and will probably never) feel the same way u do?

tiffac0082365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

I think his comments are pointed towards the detractors who are bashing the Vita without even playing with it.

LOGICWINS2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

"I think his comments are pointed towards the detractors who are bashing the Vita without even playing with the device."

Wow, a rational reply in a Vita article on N4G. Exciting :)

Now tiffac, how do we know which "detractors" have or haven't played Vita? Do we just simply assume that anyone who criticizes Vita hasn't played it?

EDIT: Btw, even if these detractors haven't played Vita, would it make a difference in their opinion ? In 2006, did you need to pick and play a PS3 to understand that a $600 price point may not go down well with the gaming community..despite the fact that $600 for a PS3 was a great value at the time?

Similarly, do you need to "play" Vita to understand that a $250 dedicated gaming handheld with overpriced memory cards(and a heavy emphasis on PS3 ports) advertised towards pre existing PS3 owners may not be that appealing considering PS3 owners already have "better" versions of these games on their console?

tiffac0082365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

lol! Since when have I not made a nice reply when your involve, even when you shot my Shenmue wish down. XD

Commonsense would have it that we will never know and logic dictates that not all criticism is negative.

His comments are a shot in the dark to the people that knows what their doing (or maybe to the ordinary posters who obviously wish the Vita dead. lol!)

LOGICWINS2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

"lol! Since when have I not made a nice reply when your involve, even when you shot my Shenmue wish down. XD"

lol I didn't mean u personally, I meant people in Vita articles in general. I feel sometimes criticizing Vita on N4G is the equivalent of calling someones child fat or ugly. They instantly spring to a defensive position..yet all I'm doing is asking simple questions.

There are many reasons to like Vita and there are many reasons to dislike Vita. I simply don't understand why both Vita's strengths and weaknesses can't be accepted on equal levels OR why the creator of any Vita article that suggests issues/improvements to Vita is labeled as a "whiner", "troll", or told to "relax".

LOL, it reminds me of Liar Liar when Jim Carey covers his ears and starts singing "I can't hear YOOOUUU!"

tiffac0082365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

Ah I see, I have not been on N4G for awhile so I'm not sure whats happening on most of the articles now (I don't recognize some of the posters either. lol!) but I guess it wouldn't be a surprise if there was a lot of emotions going around, as always. ^^

Let me get back on topic and answer your question with my last bub. lol! XD

Well maybe the opinions of the people who follows gaming won't be swayed. Like you and me and the rest of N4G but there are a lot of people out there who's not in the know and a simple opinion (negative or positive) can sway their purchasing decisions.

Forum posts, journalist articles, amateur blogs are the new form of word of mouth and all of this has a huge impact on marketing (even unintentionally).

So I can see where one2thr is coming from. ^^

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one2thr2365d ago

Oh yeah trust me on this you can easily spot, the people that do not own or have played with Vita, and no playing with the demo version at an electronics store doesnt count. And to spot these nay sayers is easy, just read any comment that lacks any faith in the vita, which are usually the ones where people claim to own one, but yet say that better games can be made such and such and even their Ti-82 can play better games. And yes I have played games on every single platform, even a calculator in some cases, but I have yet to play on a handheld that kept my interest since the GameBoy era. And the other problem is that people tend to down talk it about its price, but when Sony announced it as the same price as the 3DS, nintendo then dropped the price of their 3DS and then the world went ape shit, to find out that Sony didn't follow nintendos plan... If you honestly can't see this trend happening, then yourr one of these types of people... Yeah

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