Halo Logo Mistaken for U.N Security Council

"During a report last week on the conflict in Syria, BBC News accidentally used the logo for the 'United Nations Space Command' -- the agency tasked with protecting Earth from hostile forces in the Halo video game franchise -- to represent the significantly less fictional United Nations Security Council. Whoops!" - Yahoo

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360GamerFG1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Yup, thats how big Halo is folks.
Can't believe people are already calling it a paid for microsoft conspiracy. This site blows.

bahabeast1944d ago

microsoft paid the video editor to do that make sure people remember halo 4 coming in a few months.

Waddy1011944d ago

No this is BBC failing as always by just using Google Image search and grabbing the first one available. Blunders like this have happened many times before.

vikingland11944d ago

@Waddy101 I agree they probably just googled the acronym and printed the 1st one that came up. That is funny Funny cuz it's real.

RedDead1944d ago

Yeah they also claimed Arma 2 footage was actually footage of the IRA attacking English soldiers.

stevenhiggster1944d ago

Nah that was ITV not the BBC.

kneon1944d ago

Anyone that likes Halo knows #4 is coming and anyone that doesn't like Halo probably wouldn't recognise the logo.

ilikeyou1944d ago

the media gets dumber by the day.

redDevil871944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

1. Go to google images

2. Type "UNSC" in the search bar

3. Hit enter

4. Use the first image you see with the letters "UNSC"

You have just done the same research as the BBC.

MWH1944d ago

lol you're most probably right.

Dazel1944d ago

Wonder if he/she is a Halo fan lol...

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The story is too old to be commented.