GNT: Top 5 Control Pads

Personal perspective of our GameNTrain author Beefnuts of how far the gaming controllers have come and his top 5.

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guitarse2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Nintendo fan much? haha

Your mostly right though, nintendo have made some superb controllers, especially the N64, should have have scrapped that pad, it could have done with a few tweaks to stay modern, such as extra buttons etc but it was near perfect .

SKUD2215d ago

Whats this i dont even......

BootHammer2215d ago

Wow, forgot about the Wavebird ;) I agree the 360 gamepad feels the best.

bahabeast2215d ago

the 360 controller is really nice i must say

AznGaara2215d ago

no dualshock at all huh? i prefer that over any other controller. in my opinion it has the best d-pad.