THQ names new President and loses $239 Million

THQ announced today that it has appointed Jason Rubin as President, effective immediately. Mr. Rubin will be responsible for all of THQ’s worldwide product development, marketing, and publishing operations, and will report to Brian Farrell, THQ Chairman and CEO.

Is this because of how much money THQ is loosing? What is going on and what are they doing wrong? Let's take a look at some of their most recent games/failures and make some predictions as to what is left for THQ.

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DaThreats2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

THQ will sell and SONY will buy! ;D

Hisiru2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Well, Nintendo needs different games and this is the chance.

Sony has a lot of second party studios already and lots of exclusive games.

Microsoft would destroy this studio just like they did with Rare.

Thatguyinthesuit2391d ago

Isn't Nintendo very conscious about the types of games they make. If they bought THQ then it would mean the end for the Saints Row series which would be sad for me.

3GenGames2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Why would Nintendo buy a company that's losing money when if they make a spin off company or even publish it themselves they would have 8x the success and it'd be easier? C'mon, lets get serious, Nintendo buying THQ would be like Facebook buying MySpace.

miyamoto2391d ago

It will certainly be interesting to see if Rubin can inject some of the Naughty Dog spirit into the THQ development scene and help turn the company around.

Laxman2391d ago

Haha dude, Sony doesnt even have the money to keep themself afloat, let alone buy new studios. Wall Street Journal has predicted Sony's shares will fall below $10 in the next few months (currently sitting around 13-14 if im not mistaken), which by Sony's own rulings mean they enter administration.

miyamoto2391d ago

Microsoft is so cash rich they are still paying developers big bucks just to build games & apps for their platforms, not to mention timed exclusives.

Moncole2391d ago

So they can fire all the important people like they fired Dan Harmon from Community.

TMpiggyBANK2391d ago

I think so as well. Sony has enough to buy them out and save the day.

Gen0ne2391d ago

Sony's broke dude. What money they've got, they're keeping.

Silly gameAr2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Where are people getting this Sony is broke crap from? They are going through a rough patch but lets stop with the exaggerations.

This is about THQ anyway.

Gen0ne2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

@silly: sir, financially speaking, Sony isn't doing so well right now. THOUSANDS ( 10,000 to be exact ) of Sony executives have recently lost their jobs. Mostly in Sony's television department. The only reason Sony hasn't made cuts is the gaming department, is because it's the only branch within Sony that has continually remained profitable. I didn't say they're going outta business, I'm saying that right now they don't have the kind of money to throw around on a company like THQ. No matter how cheap an acquisition like THQ would be, it would still be in the hundreds of millions. And for that kind of money, if they were gonna acquire another company, that company has got to be a sure thing. Which, as much as I love me some SR3, THQ just ain't. A few years ago, sure, Sony could just do that and not break a sweat. But times are in fact tight for them right now. And yeah, comparatively speaking of the kind of bankroll they can immediately toy with, yeah, they're broke.

Edit: I agree with you. It IS about THQ, but I'm not the one that brought it up. I only responded.

BlmThug2391d ago

Phantom disagrees, Sony is not as rich as it used to be, they sure as hell will not suddenly buy up THQ

OneAboveAll2391d ago

So does Microsoft. Actually they have more money. Trololol.

BuffMordecai2391d ago

And yet all they do with that money is make crappy kinect games.

OneAboveAll2391d ago

Oh yea. Because they don't produce one of the most used Operating systems known to man or anything. hur dur.

MySwordIsHeavenly2391d ago

It takes them HOW long to make another version of that Operating System?

TMpiggyBANK2391d ago

I wonder if it comes down to it, who would win the bidding war....

Shok2391d ago

Sad to see a company struggle like this.

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