Halo 4 Wins Award for Outstanding Videogame Artistry

Yup, Halo 4 is still 6 months away from release and it’s already won an award. Way to go 343 industries!

The image above - entitled Spire Vista - is the stunning piece of concept art that bagged the award. John Wallin Liberto is the artist who created this gorgeous vision of shield-world Requiem.

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360GamerFG2305d ago

And the awards start already! Lol no I kid, I don't like hype. Hype is for insecure children.

Walker2305d ago ShowReplies(2)
samanosukeakechi2305d ago

"My bias: let me show you it."

dexter116282305d ago

even if you hate halo, you gotta admit this concept art is beautiful

MoreConsole2305d ago

Agreed. You don't even need to like or play videogames to appreciate the stunning art created for them. Even so, I've not been this enamored by concept art for a very long time indeed.

dexter116282305d ago

I agree 120%. And thank you very much for the comment. i think this the first time the creator of an article has responded to a comment ive made on their article.

ginsunuva2305d ago

One piece of concept art and the whole game gets an award?

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