5 Games Xbox 360 Owners Must See At E3 2012

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"E3 2012 is nearly upon us. In two weeks time, journalists from all over the world will attend the biggest gaming event on U.S. soil, and gaming companies will be out in droves to show off what they have to the world. With that, there’s only one question that pops into mind – which games should we see first? With that, we here at Planet Xbox 360 have come up with a list of five games that you absolutely, positively shouldn’t miss if you’re an Xbox 360 owner. Even if you’re not going to the show directly, you’ll still want to scour the web looking for all the information and videos on them. We assure you they’re worth hunting down. And now, our top five picks for what will dominate E3 2012 for the Xbox 360!"

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LaurenKB1232273d ago

I think the PS3 list is stronger...

black9112273d ago

I was just going to post this.

Hisiru2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

So... 4 multiplatform games? It's more like "5 games PS3 and x360 owners must see at E3 2012".

I can name more tem 5 exclusive games coming to the PS3 that will probably be there.

Not trying to bash x360 (I had one) but Microsoft has a lot of money, they need to put some money in their own console.

JaredH2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

I agree but if the person who wrote this cared about exclusives they would of shoehorned Fable the Journey and Forza onto the list.

fucadastates2272d ago

you hit the nail.
i would rather read an article about 5 awesome games, that xboxplayers can look farward to. and then live with the "the ps3, can play 4 off them, and the xbox cant play any of the games on the ps3list. making it 9vs5/5vs1". than read an tekst, where crap games like fable the journey is included, and other shovelware.

great list of games. and if this is what the xboxonly people can look forward to, then they will be happy. the ps3folks, will be even more happy with all there games :D

braydox212271d ago

there is defintily more

UltimaEnder2273d ago

No first part stuff, that's a let-downer

KingSlayer2273d ago

4 of those 5 I can play on the PS3.

Aloren2273d ago

More importantly, you can play them on the 360, which is the most important when you make a list of games 360 owners should see.

Kingnichendrix2273d ago

Got to say, I have been thinking of buying an Xbox for its exclusives now I don't really care.

TheRealHeisenberg2273d ago

Something told me I was going to see multiplats. Looking forward to Halo 4 above all other games this year.

2273d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.