E3 Predictions: Odds Available, Taking All Bets

GR: "To make this more interesting for everyone involved, we're giving everyone 500 SevBucks. You can spread these across any number of bets in increments of 50. In other words, you can take any of the bets below for a maximum of 500 SevBucks or a minimum of 50 so long as your bet can be divided by 50 evenly.

"Leave your DETAILED bets in the comments. When E3 2012 is all said and done, we'll figure out the winningest revolutionary and they'll get a swag pack from GR's E3 haul."

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Sev2394d ago

I'm thinking that The Last Guardian is a losing bet no matter which way you slice it. I got a feeling we won't see that game ever.

alexcosborn2394d ago

Agreed. The Last Guardian is nothing more than a tragic money sink.

Foolsjoker2394d ago

My heart disagrees, but my brain is thinking your right.

alexcosborn2394d ago

I am dying to see The Last of Us. I hope Naughty Dog is showing more than just the pre-E3 demo that select press got to see.

ftwrthtx2394d ago

I want Sony to let us play PS3 games on our Vita through the PS3 and remote play already.

EazyC2394d ago

Fallout 4, GTA V, New Burnout = best E3 EVAR!