OXCGN’s Top 10 Anticipated Sequels of E3 2012



The one thing that makes gamers around the world go absolute batshit crazy.

Some in a good way, where announcements make gamers jump into loving bro-hugging (or the female gamer equivalent….sis-hugging….”shug ging” we’ll go with) embraces, others which draw the ire of gamers everywhere.

With the slew of Top 10 lists coming out from everywhere regarding E3, I thought I’d be totally original and do the same thing- except focus on my most anticipated sequels of E3 2012."

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Proeliator1825d ago

I want GTA V info, even though Rockstar won't be there :(

gaminoz1825d ago

Nah, it all looks the same with better graphics to me.

I just want to see the sequels that look like they are going to offer something a bit different than usual, like AC 3.

DeusExer1825d ago

I'd honestly rather see information on games such as GTA V, as they come around every 5 years or so.

Its a tad more exciting than seeing information on a series that has a yearly release, no matter how good they are.

BadCircuit1825d ago

I won't be surprised to see a LOT of sequels announced this E3 and not too many new IPs.

If they change it up like Black Ops 2 looks to be doing, then I'm interested.

The other thing is how many sequels will be announced for the next gen consoles coming up?

Hooshuwashu1825d ago

Black Ops 2? lol, can't believe anyone is honestly expecting anything because they have robots now..

DeusExer1825d ago

I think that what Black Ops 2 is doing is a step in the right direction to reinvigorate a tiring series.

Godem1825d ago

Longest Journey 3!!!!!!

BootHammer1825d ago

Would love to see a Doom 4 announcement! I'm also psyched for Far Cry 3...looks to be getting back to their roots and offering some cool things for multiplayer ;)

Belgavion1825d ago

Mirror's Edge 2 thank you!

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