5 Games PlayStation 3 Owners Must See At E3 2012

From the feature article:

"E3 is nearly upon us. In two weeks time, journalists from all over the world will attend the biggest gaming event on U.S. soil, and gaming companies will be out in droves to show off what they have to the world. With that, there’s only one question that pops into mind – which games should we see first? With that, we here at Planet PSX have come up with a list of five games that you absolutely, positively shouldn’t miss if you’re a PlayStation 3 owner. Even if you’re not going to the show directly, you’ll still want to scour the web looking for all the information and videos on them. We assure you they’re worth hunting down. And now, our top five picks for what will dominate E3 for the PlayStation 3!"

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LaurenKB1232214d ago

All 5 are on my list, but many more non first-party titles as well!

ThePsychoGamer2214d ago

I'd rather see a new R&C game instead the HD collection.

FinaLXiii2214d ago

Or something new for a change.

yesmynameissumo2214d ago

All I want to see is The Last of Us. Everything else is a goddamn bonus.

UltimaEnder2214d ago

It's gonna be a sid E3 for Sony!

NastyLeftHook02214d ago

gta 5 and the last of us and the last guardian

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The story is too old to be commented.