Quizzing the creators of You Don’t Know Jack

GamesBeat's Dan Hsu: Last week, Jellyvision gave me an early preview of the new YDJK. I had a chance to interview the men in the room: general manager Michael Bilder, marketing director Marc Blumer, and Tom Gottlieb, the infamous voice of the game’s wise-ass host, Cookie Masterson. But I wasn’t interested in asking standard-fare questions like “Tell us about your game” and “Why are all of you such jerks?”

Like I said, it was time for me to get these guys back, so I set out to make them look clueless with our own trivia game, 5 Hit Points. Let’s see if they can survive our questions and keep as much of their video game health as possible.

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idontgetit2189d ago

I love Cookie Masterson!

acronkyoung2188d ago

Nice! I love these features from way back in EGM.

roblef2188d ago

That was pretty funny! Nice job, GamesBeat!