Ubisoft Settles Assassin’s Creed Lawsuit

The Assassin's Creed 3 release date is no longer at risk due to legal issues, as the lawsuit between Ubisoft and (*cough* cash-grabber *cough*) John Beiswenger has been settled out of court.

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Trenta272121d ago

Just about every idea out there has already been taken. We just get rehashes of those ideas. That goes with movies, books, games, everything. This guy just wanted to cash in.

Nimblest-Assassin2121d ago

So stupid.... I hope this half-assed author doesn't get a single penny...

The definition of piracy is a blatant ripoff... he is complaining that one concept in the game is stolen as is suing for millions? He's also trying to back up the fact that they took religion and assassinations too?

Religion and assassinations happened alot in the past. This author is just upset his book was not bought and is trying to cash in... disgusting

morganfell2121d ago

The Nizari Ismaili should sue him. Or better still, pay him a visit...

Sucitta2121d ago

settled out of court usually means he got paid..

gatormatt802121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

In this case no money was exchanged between either party at this time. How do I know you ask??? Google the term "dismissal without prejudice." It appears to me that the judge may have dismissed this case because there was not sufficient evidence to back this guys claim. If he somehow finds/gathers new evidence then he can bring this suit/claim back up.

It is also possible though this guy ended his own claim, though still retaining the right sue again at a later time.

RioKing2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

^Great detective work, Watson!

Frankfurt2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

I love how the fanboys have NO fucking idea if Creed stole it from the guy's book or not, but like sheep, they jump into AC's defense and bash the author. The guy is a published writer. For a long time. If anything, his credentials are far above most videogame writers (how many good scripts have we seen this gen in a videogame? Shit like GTA 4's writing gets praised in this medium! Videogame writing in 99.99% garbage).

Videogames are INFAMOUS for ripping off movies and books shamelessly (and i say that about even my favorite games, like Crysis 1). If you think ANYTHING in Assassin's Creed plot is even remotelly creative or new, you need to read an actual book some day and stop being a blind, alienated fanboy.

Danny Dan2121d ago

@Frank .. If you think there hasn't been any unique game experiences with awesome script writing, then you sir, are sadly mistaken.

Like Trenta said, the same stories are always being told... Its just HOW they are told is what sets them apart.

Nimblest-Assassin2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )


Im going to explain something to you. Many people are very aware that videogames like to take plot points and ideas from books and movies. Max Payne is based on Noir films, Uncharted is based on movies like Indiana Jones, and the pulp action genre. They have similar concepts and ideas... but do you ever see Stephen Speilberg suing Naughty dog for having similar ideas?

This lawsuit is idiotic based on the sole fact he is saying they "plagarized" and stole "page by page". If link was the story of a man named desmond kidnapped by a templar order due to the fact that he was a member of another secret group called assassins, and is forced to relive the lives of his past ancestors who were assassins.. then we have a problem.

This author is trying to say that Ubisoft stole the ideas of the animus, religion and assassinations...

Religion and assassinations were a big thing in the past... he is suing for them using history? Shouldn't that mean that people who wrote history books be suing him then? Or the ancestors of the people in history should be suing the people who wrote those textbooks? NO.

This author is trying to get attention and is making ridiculous claims and is suing for millions. Also why wait to AC3... his original plan was to have AC3 not released, which is what the settlement is about....

You don't need to be a fanboy of AC to see this is a desperate cry for attention from a writter who never got any. Also, I looked up critic reviews of this book, and many felt the plot was jumbled and ridiculous.

He is trying to sue for "similar ideas" but calls it plagerism. Thats why this lawsuit is a joke...

Also judging by your comment history... it seems like you are the alienated fanboy... mr I hate on the PS3 because I only own an xbox..jesus fanboys like you are the reason gaming today is so negative

lol kept reading your comments and they are hilarious

More sales means its a better game- Yeah then black ops would be the best game ever -_-


Also love how you trash every ps3 game, every ps3 article bringing up UNCHARTED COPIED GOW EVERYWHERE... look ND said they researched cover in games like gow... if uncharted was a ripoff of GOW it would play exactly like GOW... also love how you try to trash the sales, story whatever you can get

Oh you poor MS fanboy.... don't even play the games you trash. I may not own an xbox, but I have played Halo and gears, and I actually love the Halo series and am looking forward to 4....

But your sheer love of MS would be funny... if it wasn't so pathetic

Oh what the hell... I'll laugh anyways

Also before you give me the oh... I played the PS3 games... Im a 5 foot 4 purple hippo who has had sexy times with hundreds of women... see I can be anything too on the internet



You are absolutely right there! I don't know how so many people get away with those stupid lawsuits...

Wait, worst part is that we do know how they do it, they hold out to sue when the target can't deal with waiting on the not so fast judicial system, exploiting companies time schedulles to make money. How can the judges not be aware of it?

Sooner or later judges will start to be more and more demanded to realize that similar setting or themes is not the same of plagiarism. We don't need courts to discuss what is plagiarism and what isn't all the damn tine, it costs taxes money! Have some law specialist to just actually read the book and play the game would prevent the need for so much court arguing and prevent people exploiting the system.

Plagiarism is when you sign as yours something that isn't your work. It's not plagium unless you can pinpoint parts of one piece (speechs, situations, ideas, etc) that are being used THE EXACTLY SAME in the other piece. It's not just some similarities, they could out right had been inspired by someone else's book and not be commiting a crime if they are not using this original ideas and assets.

The religion conspiracies, the assassination conspiracies and the time travel are practically free domain as they are really old ideas that we can't even track the original author. A new books on these subjects appear literally every month.

The whole genetic access to past "memories" could be plagiarism if they were developed the same as in the book but they aren't. In Assassin's Creed universe they use a machine called animus and DNA of a subject to read into what it's ancestors were doing, not the actual memory of the subject, the subject experience it's ancestor's life. The subject itself (Desmond) is monitorated with what appear to be pretty common tech to read the brain in this universe.

In Link universe they have this major oposition between science and religion about how is memory storaged, while science claim to be the brain, religion (and it's billion of believers) claim to be the soul. A scientist group called Biochip or something accidenntly discover that inside DNA of every cell there is this quantum particle with no mass and atemporal stage that could storage everything that already happened, they travel through this "quantum DNA memories" to discover secrets of the soul and the moment of creation.

As you guys can see, it's completely different sci-fi going on there, the only common point is DNA and Past being related, but they are accessed in different ways, with different objectives, under different circustances in a different setting... And this correlation is not original to any of the pieces. In the 50's scientists started running researches to discover what kind of stuffs were genetically hereditary, brain work being one of the big questions, memory was brough up multiple times since then.

deep_fried_bum_cake2121d ago

Nimblest-Assassin @Frankfurt reply

*begins slow clap*

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dark-hollow2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

but you know what? i think its pretty cleaver from author of this book, why? if he won the case he would get his money, and if he lost, he would gain more publicity from all the news outlets that spread his news.

now more people know about his book and maybe some will buy it out of curiousity to see the releation with AC franchise.

its pathetic? yes but thats how the world works.

orange-skittle2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

That was the intent(IMO), but reviewers took to amazon and shot his book review to 1 star because of it. He was a self published author, so you know he needed the attention. He didn't get squat and to make matters worse, the story resembled another from back in the 70's more so than his and that author didn't give a rats ass.

BTW, I pre-ordered AC3 because you can already see this game is going to be a breakout hit. They said the animation rivals Uncharted and is absolutely beautiful and seamless.

256bit2121d ago

maybe the author doesnt play video games.

BinaryMind2121d ago

In other news, John Beiswenger is being sued by Nintendo for its use of the name "Link."

awi59512121d ago

Yeah the frank herbert Dune books are full of genetic memory and reliving or remembering the past lives of your ancestors.

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Summons752121d ago

like the game was at risk to begin with HA

Redempteur2121d ago

Pitifull uninspired author..
He should be sued by vatican for using the bible as a source of inspiration as well

KMCROC542121d ago

Maybe someone should let the Vatican know . lol

TekoIie2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

"Those same ideas were also present in books prior to Link, and this settlement basically proves that the whole suit was likely just a cash-grab by a failed author trying to make some quick coin".

Aw man, I'm hurt dog!

This guy is bring the insults like mad and he should! AC is one of the best franchises this gen and if it got "cancelled" it would be a big blow to Ubi and us gamers. Without AC where would we get our awesome "What the F**K" endings?

sjaakiejj2121d ago

I'd say this lawsuit wasn't started with the intention to finish. In fact, I'd say that this author was looking to promote his book. Any publicity is good publicity, and with the media exposure surrounding this lawsuit there's been plenty of publicity...

tarbis2121d ago

suing just to freely advertise his book. his books must be being eaten by moths now.

TekoIie2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

He did see the amazon reviews right? He's gonna be really impressed with the "publicity" he got =|

sjaakiejj2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

The publicity increased exposure of this author to the world. Regardless of Amazon reviews, some people will buy it.

Quote from one of the reviews:
"After hearing all the trouble being caused by it I went about finding a copy outside of amazon and read it over the course of 4 days (on break from college so had plenty of time)."

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