CD Projekt RED teases new RPG

Icrontic reports: "CD Projekt RED has a new RPG announcement to make tomorrow, and has released a teaser image as foreplay."

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Pandamobile2182d ago

Futuristic RPG from CDP Red? YES PLEASE.

ATi_Elite2182d ago

Yes a FPS/RPG from CD Projekt Red would be awesome!

(Throws money at the screen)

Dovahkiin2182d ago

This excites me greatly, they can do no wrong in my eyes. Lets see what they can produce.

h311rais3r2182d ago

In loving the phantom disagrees. Honestly how could you hate a company that gives u free content with a stellar game?

NYC_Gamer2182d ago

I don't really like the cyberpunk approach but i'll support the game since CD Projekt produces quality

Mariusmssj2182d ago

Well one thing is sure CDPR will deliver!!!

tallkidoPL2182d ago

Cant wait so excited!!!
For now time to play some more Witcher 2 and make different decisions :D

atticus142182d ago


commence fapping!

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The story is too old to be commented.