Video – Metro: Last Light gets incredible new gameplay

VG247: THQ’s released brand new footage of the increasingly promising Metro: Last Light, showing the atmospheric shooter on spectacular form. Interview with THQ global comms head Huw Beynon included.

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NYC_Gamer2182d ago

I'll enjoy killing the dark ones again :)

Spenok2182d ago

Agreed. This game looks to be a very good improvement over the first one as well. I am excited.

ninjahunter2182d ago

Looks good for the most part :)
Only two complaints, The characters dont look much better expressed than Metro 2033, but thats never really been a selling point.
And the interactions, like reloading, recoil recovery and so on, look alot faster, Just seems like more emphasis on action that horror.
On the other hand Its nice not being gimped by a poor control system, im just leery because alot of PC games(Ports) fall into the trap of the player being unstoppable due to superior controls.

MiamiACR212182d ago

In situations of extreme danger with a mix of pure terror, it's always wise to reload as slowly as possible.

ninjahunter2182d ago

Kills the suspense, I doubt its possible to be afraid when you can reload your shotgun as fast as you can shoot it. Or when your guns are so well built you can gun down an entire enemy squad before they even grab their guns. Youve probably seen most of the footage for this game, im seeing alot of slaughter the enemy and dont worry about getting hurt.

Hazmat132182d ago

cant wait to see some PS3 or 360 gameplay, long live the metro!

nirosan2182d ago

Do you guys think this game will Coop?...Game looks really cool.

N4G-er2182d ago

There will probably be parts when the player is alone, which won't work all that well for co-op.

nirosan2182d ago

Oh I see that's true. Either way game looks amazing...will be buying it for PC.

aawells072182d ago

Itll be a great day when this is released. I loved the first game.

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The story is too old to be commented.