'Metro: Last Light': Bullet currency system to return, made 'clearer'

Metro: Last Light will see the return of the bullet currency system from the original Metro 2033.

The system, which saw players ration certain bullet types to spend as currency for better equipment, will have more "balance" and will be made "clearer" in the sequel.

It was added that a survival element will be "ever present" through multiple systems and not just rationed bullets.

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DA_SHREDDER1943d ago

It was cool, but there was rarely anything that you didn't use unless it was for a specific class type of weapon.

NYC_Gamer1943d ago

The knives were my favorite weapon

N4G-er1943d ago

This and Bioshock Infinite will make 2013 awesome.

Hufandpuf1943d ago

I haven't played the first one but I'll definitely get this game.

Trenta271943d ago

You just missed a sale on Steam last week. It was $5, I think.

Forbidden_Darkness1943d ago

I'm going to start PC gaming more (especially when I get my new PC) and since decided that a couple days ago im going to be watching Steam like a Hawk for awesome deals like that, I just hope it goes on sale for $5 again.

NYC_Gamer1943d ago

You should pick it up on PC or 360 the game is real cheap now days

Swiggins1943d ago

I love this system just like I love Dark Souls currency system.

It makes you choose where how to allocate your resources, do you spend your bullets/souls on new gear, or do you use your existing gear and simply use the bullets/souls to make them stronger.

Really adds a degree of complexity to gameplay.