WWE ’13 & Beyond: How WWE Games Could Learn From MLB The Show and UFC Undisputed 3

The Vortex Effect: Is there really any good reason why, in this day and age, we can’t have 10 wrestlers in the ring at once? I’m not greedy either, I’d settle for eight just so we can finally have the classic eight-man tag team match. If need be, darken the arena so we don’t have to see so much of the audience. It’s just six people repeated anyways. Trim the fat on the story mode if necessary. Who honestly plays a wrestling game for the story mode anyway? WWE ’12′s Road to WrestleMania was fun, but I would have gladly done with it if it meant I could get more gameplay options and a bigger roster.

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Jamegohanssj52152d ago

I laughed before reading this, but it makes so much sense it's not even funny. Why Can't Yukes include 100+ characters? If it can happen for the UFC games, then there's not a big excuse for them not doing it for WWE games.


rocky0475862152d ago

Because WWE determines who is in the game, simple as that. If It were up to THQ ALL of the Superstars that we want would be in the game, but it's not up to them. It's up to the WWE for that, THQ has absolutely no say so as to who or how many people get to be in the game. What they do is they make up a list of people they think that they want to be in the game and then submit that list to WWE representatives. WWE then finalizes the list with people that they take off or add on at their full discretion, again, THQ has no say so in this matter whatsoever.

stephmhishot2152d ago

I honestly have no idea if this is true or not, maybe it has to do with royalty checks? From what I've heard, any WWE superstar whose likeness is used in the games gets a pretty nice chunk of change, even if they aren't on a top star level.

So perhaps THQ doesn't want to bother writing paychecks for FCW guys or guys who never see the light of day on TV and are content with giving the active CAW community the moves, attire and mannerisms needed to create those guys without having to hand a check to Tyler Reks.

As (obviously) a WWE fan, I did hold off from buying WWE 12, but given that they are having an Attitude Era theme to WWE 13 I will probably pick it up to relive some memories, but if it was up to me, I'd rather if anything, a smaller roster, with a more focused story mode than I've seen in years past and better voice acting (including in-ring taunts and uh....grunts? Don't judge me, you hear them when you watch lol).

Plus if they could figure out a way to not make it feel like the wrestlers are hollow and have some real weight to them, that'd be nice (did they fix this in WWE 12?).

TrueGaming2152d ago

IMO I want a deep arsenal of moves (more signature moves, small moves, ones specific to the wrestler). A better lighting system plus better character models that each have same amount of tlc.I like the idea of a non ending season mode with a buch of different scenarios play out ( not just oh man HHH just punched me but like he came out beat the hell outta me & pedigreed me through the announce table bc=ecause I injured him in a prior match) but according to who you let win & lose. Better AI not just reverse happy... I can go on but like everyone else all we can do is wait to to see gameplay & play it for ourselves to determine if we got a Psycho Sid powerbomb or just a school boy pin of a game...