Sharing the Couch: The Best Downloadable Co-Op Games

Sure, multiplayer is fun, but where do you turn when you and your friends don't want to shoot and chase each other around a map?'s Blake Anglin gives us a list of great co-op games you and your buddies can jump into when you're needing a break.

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Yi-Long1909d ago

... cause it's also enjoyable for my crappy playing girlfriend, although we aren't very far yet, and haven't unlucked new characters.

I might pick up Guardian Heroes once that goes down in price and if I like the demo.

holdmyown831909d ago

i got my GF into Dead Nation and after that we jumped in to resistance 3..we do need to find somethin new cause im tired of MW3 survival mode so ill have to check some of these out.

Hufandpuf1909d ago

Scott pilgrim vs the world is pretty fun.