Konami Announces Second Annual 'Pre-E3 Show 2012'

All-new trailers, developer interviews and more to debut via June 1st showcase.

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gaffyh2120d ago

Last year it was pretty much a pre-recorded video if I remember correctly, but I believe that is where we got the transfarring announcement?

Skate-AK2120d ago

Not sure about the transfarring but I do remember that the video was indeed pre recorded.

Lucreto2120d ago

I hope against hope there will be some Suikoden announcement and I am dissappointed each year.

Lord_Sloth2120d ago

A new Suikoden for the PS3/360 would be awesome!

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Frankfurt2120d ago

This pre-show BS is boring (last year sucked). Bring back the E3 2010 live insanity. EXTREEEEEMEEE! 1 MILLION TROOPS!