Hands On: Left 4 Dead

G4TV's X-Play has done a hands on preview of Left 4 Dead.

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wageslave3416d ago

I wish he'd have spoken about the LIVE gameplay...

BLUR1113415d ago

this may be the coolest online game to play ever with friends killing zombies

Iron Man 23416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

The PC version of Left 4 Dead will be the best version just like Bioshock and Gears and all future so called "Xbox 360 exclusives"

Xbox is the BEST3416d ago

to play it on PC you still have to pay Microsoft. You lose, try again.

Bolts3415d ago

Nope, Left 4 Dead is a Steam game. Unlike the crappy Live for Windows.

i Shank u3415d ago

are better then anything you're playing. douchewad

Boldy3416d ago

What are you talking about. This game is taking full advantage of the co-op experience and looks to be a very innovative FPS as players can either play as the survivors or the infected. Of course ur probably just a sony fanboy that says this to any MICROSOFT exclusive.

shmee3415d ago

The characters and the environment are so OLD GEN

BLUR1113415d ago

no shlT boldy29..anyway la noir will flop dante05834 aint gta and saints row enough of those games??

HCS3416d ago

Valve is more proven to live up to expectations then almost every developer out there. They made a good decision buying Turtle Rock Studios, left 4 dead is destined for greatness.

mighty_douche3415d ago

i know little to nothing about this title. What is it, is it like dead rising or something? (work PC wont let me watch the video)

any help would be appreciated greatly.

chrno63415d ago

You team up with 3 other ppl to fight a horde of zombies. It's a game foucs primarily on coop, and I heard players can be zombies too.

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