Games that endured development hell

Some games just don't get the fair treatment others do. Some of the best and most innovative projects get poked, prodded and delayed time and time again, putting these ambitious games through a cycle of development hell.

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D3mons0ul1851d ago

Versus 13 is killing me

Rampaged Death1851d ago

Surprised L.A Noire wasn't mentioned. I feel sorry for anyone who was on that team.

WitWolfy1851d ago

Was just about to say the same thing!

DJLB21151851d ago

people hate on duke nukem forever but i give props to the devs and fans of duke for not letting him die and at least finishing the game. i was a mark for duke back on the ps1 and i was aware of the whole nightmare that was going on behind the scenes, but i was happy w the game overall. it did feel dated and some of the humor even had me shaking my head (mothership rape, alien wall titties? lol). the multiplayer is pretty fun tho. i like shrinking fools and stomping on them lol

JimmyP1851d ago

I see what you say, and if you enjoyed it, that's all that counts :) But I think most people's argument is that the actual code and design of the game was +10 years old, and Gearbox just wrapped it in a new coat of paint (which wasn't even really pretty) and released it. A new, built-from-the-ground-up game would be awesome.

DJLB21151851d ago

yeah but i wouldnt count them out just yet. u gotta crawl b4 u can walk, and im sure NO ONE could have predicted the shit storm that would befall Gearbox and Duke. Now that they made thier point and got DNF finished, they can start on something new and fresh, thats up to date w the rest of today FPS titles. Duke is a big enough character to pull it off, but it has to feel like its meant to be in this gen tho, not last gen. At points, it really felt like i was playing a ps2 shooter

JimmyP1850d ago

Agreed. On a personal note, I really do hope Duke has a resurgence,and Gearbox are the right guys to do it. Maybe we'll get some Duke news at E3...