Diablo 3 First Nude Patch Undresses Female Demon Hunter

Diablo 3 players who really like the female demon hunter, will most likely care for a nude patch. PC Games spotted the first mod download.

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MaxXAttaxX2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

An unnecessary and hardly enjoyable patch since all characters in Diablo look like ants on screen anyway.

I would have preferred a patch that fixes issues with the game first, but instead the PC community had to make nude mods first, like in almost every game lol.

ATi_Elite2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )


Nice Hooker boots!!!

TopDudeMan2150d ago

You have to wonder how they got this story approved with that image.

adorie2150d ago


I don't have to wonder. This was developed by Blizzard Irvine. You won't see enough detail to warrant a NSFW, where if it was designed by Blizzard North, we probably would have seen areola, detailed shadows around the genital area.

Why do I say this? well.. I remember reading an interview how D3, before becoming a WoW Dungeon Crawler, was supposed to be more towards photo realism and how Blizz North and Blizz Irvine had their own distinct visual art styles...

BlmThug2150d ago

How sad does one have to be to download such patch

Snookies122150d ago

Oh there are people... Very very sad people...

*goes to download*

Lol! No really, there are probably a lot more people than you'd think downloading stuff like this. They'd just never admit to it.

MagicAccent2150d ago

I bet you just downloaded it ;)

DJLB21152150d ago

@ blmthug

u dont have to be sad to download this, everyone loves titties! or at least they should lol. i cant speak for the guys who make same sex relationships on star wars or mass effect with men. when there is a nude patch for guys they will download that :/

i cant fux w diablo 3 tho. not my style

Shane Kim2150d ago

I don't have the game, but I'm going to downoald it anyway. That's how hony Shane Kim is.

ziggurcat2149d ago

i think the better question is how sad does one have to be to *make* the patch?

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calibann2150d ago

This is just the PC gaming community in a nutshell. Nude mods first. Then patches to make the game better.

Ducky2150d ago

... are you saying that these mods don't make the game better?

RedDead2150d ago

Nude mods are quicker and easier than unofficial patches

SilentNegotiator2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )


Not necessarily. It can be easier to fix a simple programming mistake than create a new skin or animation, for example.

calibann2149d ago

@FatOldMan Nude mods ruin the mystery. I remember when I was 13, positioning the camera up your characters skirt, or facing a wall so the camera is trapped 3 inches from her chest.

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SPAM-FRITTER-1232150d ago

how did you get a Well Said bubble?

when i said consoles were garbage i never got one.

StraightPath2150d ago

PC gamers can be very sad

Isis062150d ago

Well, the same can be said about console gamers and news reporters.

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iamlegend99992150d ago

I am so getting this game now. xD

guitarded772150d ago


Download it now!!!

TheGameFoxJTV2150d ago

It's diablo 3. It was a game for the loney anyways. Either you were already lonely when you got it; or you forgot about you real life friends due to the addiction.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232150d ago

JealousConsoleGamerRage_patch_ P.S3

download it now!!!

Solid_Snake372150d ago

Diablo 3 are coming to consoles you know

MAJ0R2150d ago

Well, hmm, interesting...

DivineAssault 2150d ago

eventually the boobies will come.. its perverted but i must say, i wish console games had patches like that.. it makes the games much more appealing.. i cant afford a high powered pc for the games i would like to play at their fullest potential so oh well.. i hope the ppl who can afford them enjoy these treats

Tonester9252150d ago

lol uhh.... well... this patch only makes the game appealing to weirdos and doesn't make the game any "better" lol Treats? Please have a real girlfriend and not a virtual one lol

DivineAssault 2150d ago

ummm i have a couple girls (not tied down) but it doesnt matter.. My last girlfriend i was with for 2 years but i still watched porn & still think this is a cool patch.. so unless ur pu**ywhipped, theres nothing wrong with looking at the menu.. doesnt mean u have to order

Laxman2150d ago

"theres nothing wrong with looking at the menu.. doesnt mean u have to order"

Yeah man, that might be alright to say if you were talking real people, but you're claiming games are better if the girls are naked... Video game girls. Fake, Computer Generated women...

vortis2150d ago

10 Japanese guys disagreed with you.

Tonester9252149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

@Vortis I just don't get it. Maybe it's just my mindset of not getting turned on by computer graphics lol

@Laxman Crazy world that we live in.

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TotalSynthesisX2150d ago

See the Samus nude mod on the Wii's Smash Bros Brawl.