PES 2013 – Hands-on Suggests Konami May Reclaim Critical High Ground ( Daily-Portal.Com)

PES 2013 could top FIFA 13, suggests our early hands- on. Konami are layering on buzzword features, like PES Full Control – manual passing/shooting, plus revised first touch – but for us it’s all about feel.

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Myst-Vearn1494d ago

That is good, the tougher the competition for EA the better FIFA will be.

Solid_Snake371494d ago

Or not! Knowing EA's loving warmth for their costumers...

KiLLeRCLaM1494d ago

I doubt PES13 will be better then FIFA13.. The 50 Player ID won't make the game..

KazumaKiryu1494d ago

Fix the passing, through balls, players urge to slide and shoot rather than just shoot, silly defending by computer, trigger happy ref and maybe then it will be worth purchasing at full price.

Kingnichendrix1494d ago

Trigger happy refs are quite realistic

hennessey861494d ago

Pro Evo, but this gen it has been in steady decline, Fifa has improved but its still Fifa at heart so I have no interest in it. I still play Pro Evo 2005!!!

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