What If PS4's Power Disappoints?

Everyone assumes the new PlayStation will be a bastion of technological capability. But what if Sony isn't relying on cutting edge power this time around?

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GraveLord1972d ago

As long as it runs Unreal Engine 4, I'm good.

Akuma-1972d ago

what if the ps4 is very powerful. its a sony product so itll likely be quite powerful

Titanz1972d ago

Let's say that the Xbox 720 is the most powerful console next gen. I believe a lot of PS fans, would be brokenhearted.

xtreampro1972d ago

The PS4 will be based on AMD's HAS architecture so trust me it'll be affordable and a beast.

ginsunuva1972d ago

But the next Xbox and the Wii U will never disappoint, right guys? Only Sony requires media trolling. If it's less powerful than the 8-core 6ghz monster they are expecting, then it will be a disappointment. And if it is the 8-core monster, they will complain that it is too expensive. But for MS and Nintendo, everything's good because we all love them sooooooo much and they don't deserve criticism, right?

ronin4life1972d ago

...are we on the same website?
@[email protected];
The most vocal,effective and powerful force here is PlayStation. From the users to the mods and media coverage.

As for negativity, that is pretty universal: the media knows people are drawn to blood, so that's where the focus is. After a few generations of this, everyone has turned pessimistic and jaded,further increasing the amount of negativity in media coverage.

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