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"When Resistance creators Insomniac Games decided to move on from the franchise, many fans were worried about the future of the series. Thankfully, Nihilistic Software has stepped in and developed a Resistance game made exclusively for Sony’s PlayStation Vita console." - JPS

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Jio2026d ago

I'll still be getting it

MattyG2026d ago

Yeah me too. I will generally play anything on a handheld, no matter how good or bad. For some odd reason I never minded bad games on handhelds.

360GamerFG2026d ago

Bad games are ok if they are on (sony) handheld? That's the spin we're going with? Brilliant.
Wish I'd had thought about that when bad Kinect games were released!! If only I had a time machine.

TBM2026d ago

i gotta ask those of you who are complaining here about this developer making this game, did you also complain in the other two other articles that give it a good score?

my copy is already paid off, and i don't listen to reviewers since there not the ones spending my money. hell they all made Skyrim sound like the greatest game ever made, and even though i enjoyed the game its far from greatest game ever made. still a good game though.

in the end you people are smart enough to make up your own damn minds about what you want to buy and play instead of listening to some random persons opinion.

Y_51502026d ago

I like how you are so right!

dark-hollow2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

thats what hapen when you throw your franchise to crap developers.

why the hell insomniac didnt develop this one?? or at least another talented studio from sonys stable?
sony needs to get some of their talents to develop games for the vita.

i mean seriously, Nihilistic Software? the people who developed conan and playstation move heroes?

Jio2026d ago

Insomniac is busy with their new game and other, better developers are probably already making unannounced Vita games.

Nitrowolf22026d ago

Insomniac said they won't be doing Resistance anymore

dark-hollow2026d ago

fair enough, but out of all their studios and all the possible third party studios that they can outsource the game to, why pick Nihilistic Software while their track history of games is mediocre?

say whatever you like about resistance franchise, but i think it still one of sonys valuable franchises and they shouldnt just throw it to any average developer.

it deserves better...

cpayne932026d ago

I agree with you. I felt like it was a dumbass decision to throw the resistance franchise into crap hands known as Nihilistic. If they screwed this up, ima be pissed. I love resistance, and was really hoping this would turn out well.

Nimblest-Assassin2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

Insomniac is busy with overstrike which is being published by EA.... *shudders* who knows what crazy business practices overstike will have.

Skipping Burning Skies though, im a bit worn out on shooters, so taking a break from them will do me some good.Plan on getting Gravity Rush though

gaden_malak2026d ago

Insomniac are done with Resistance, which is unfortunate.

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mafiahajeri2026d ago

Keep the bad reviews coming I'm still buying this game :D

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GuruStarr782026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

Yeah, me too... mines already paid off, and I don't regret it one bit... Sterling Gave it a 2 out of 10, which to me, means it will be a great game.. alot of the games he's given low scores to ended up being great fun.. he just gave Dragon's Dogma a 7.5, and I'd say it's easily a 9.. he gave mario kart 7 a 5 and I'd say that was an 8 or 9... He gave NIER a low score and that game was great.. same thing with AC II.

In fact, alot of reviewers gave mario tennis open for 3DS low scores and I'm enjoying the hell outta it..

Reviews are only opinions, I'm a Resistance fan, I loved Retribution on PSP, and I'm sure I'll like Burning Skies... I can't wait for tomorrow.

Nimblest-Assassin2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

So go for it... I got so much flak on the IGN review for telling people in the end its their own opinion that matters on the games they purchasse. Since I got mostly disagrees I guess reviews do make people buy games

Never got into resistance, I loved insomniac from rachet and clank... hope one day another will come

Arnagrim2026d ago

(╯°n°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Was on the fence about this. Not really an fps guy as far as being on consoles but the idea of one being truly portable had me intrigued.
Still pumped for Gravity Rush and I'm still playing the hell out of Disgaea. Hoping for some sweet announcements at E3.

Ethereal2026d ago

I am still getting it. Love the series too much and I am easy to please =)

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